25 Private Label Supplier Opportunities to Spark Ideas for Your Brand Building Empire


Use these Example Private Label Product Suppliers to Stimulate New Ideas, Develop New Brands and Begin Growing Your Own Profitable Brands

IMPORTANT: Use these suppliers at your own risk. These links are provided solely for the purpose of idea generation and educational purposes for the process of product sourcing and identifying suppliers ONLY.

Suppliers discussed have NOT been vetted and you should always use your own due diligence when sourcing products and remember to ONLY select qualified, regulated suppliers.

(–Please also note the manufacturers may change their website address at any time. If any links no longer work for any reason in the future, simply copy and paste the link into Google and search for the website using Google–)

8 Example Suppliers Based in the United States and Canada

>    http://nutritionmanufacturer.com – Nutritional Supplements & Vitamins

>    http://www.spaprivatelabel.com – Salon, Hotel & Spa Products

>    http://www.alternativebeauty.com – Skin Care, Hair Care, etc (price list available)

>    http://www.dr-fischer.com/ – Health & Beauty, Baby Care

>    https://www.blitzinc.com/wholesale/ – Specialist Cleaners for Jewelry, Sport, Music, etc

>    http://www.ranir.com – Dental Care Product Manufacturer (International)

>    http://www.chemicalguys.com – Chemicals, Car Detailing, Polishes, Waxes, etc

>    http://www.manakey.com – Footwear, Boot & Shoe Accessories, etc

7 Example Suppliers Based in the United Kingdom

>    http://www.thewelbygroup.co.uk/ – Skin Care Manufacturer

>    http://www.welbynaturals.com – Welby’s Own Range Example

>    http://www.cultech.co.uk/– Vitamins & Minerals Contract Manufacturer

>    http://www.alida.co.uk/stockists – Beauty Accessories, Kits, Nail and Hair Products, etc

>    http://www.optionsltd.co.uk – Hotel, Guest House, Salons etc

>    http://www.provence-soap.com – Bar Soaps (FRANCE)

>    http://www.sigmasoap.com – Soap based products

10 Example Suppliers Based in Australia

>    http://www.spherehealthcare.com.au – Nutritional Supplements

>    http://vitaminsolutions.com.au – Vitamins Manufacturer

>    http://www.mineralmakeup.com.au – Makeup & Cosmetics

>    http://www.designermakeuptools.com – Makeup Accessories

>    http://www.rosscosmetics.com.au – Cosmetics Manufacturer

>    http://www.edgeindustries.com.au – Hair Care

>    http://www.nccosmetics.com.au – Organic Skin Care

>    http://www.chemguys.com.au – Auto Detailing & Chemicals

>    http://www.koalakare.com.au – Detergents, Chemicals etc

>    http://www.delanocoffee.com.au – Coffee

3 Smart Decision Making Tips to ‘Get You in the Right Mindset’, Before You Commit to Any Private Label Branding


1. You can ‘tap’ into private label anywhere within the supply chain of manufacturers, distributers, wholesalers and retailers depending on your business model, ideas and dare I say it – your budget! Yes, your budget will define how you approach suppliers. If you have a larger budget you may have more options and more opportunities available to you although there are opportunities everywhere for any budget of any size.

2.    Whichever products you plan to private label use common sense and your due diligence. Always check the suppliers licenses if applicable and capabilities. Always ensure that you’re adhering to standards and lawful requirements in the country you intend to do business in.

3.    Before rushing into any new markets and to avoid what I call ‘product obsession’ i.e. don’t fall in love with your product idea unless you’ve done your research and found a unique positioning for your product beforehand and even then its best not to fall in love with your product idea if you can help it. Product trends come and go – its the research and your ability to identify a unique positioning for your product that will ultimately decide your brands success in the marketplace.

You’ll Be Way Ahead Of the Curve IF You Define Your Brand, Position Your Products and DO Your Research

The key to building a successful range of products to define your brand will usually be directly proportionate with the amount of time that you’re prepared to invest in your research beforehand.

I know that research doesn’t sound like a ‘sexy’ subject although you’ll definitely thank me for it later IF you’re prepared to put the extra time and effort in planning your brand ‘upfront’ and before settling for direct ‘like-for-like’ copy cat products.

It really truly IS worth taking the extra time now to invest in your future assets and to be able to reap the rewards once your brand is established and selling to the masses.



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