7-Day “Jump Start” Checklist


7-Day “Jump Start” Checklist

u (1) Setup your Kindle Direct Publishing account at http://kdp.amazon.com
u (2) Pick one out of the four top Kindle markets

u (3) Look through best selling Kindle books on Amazon for your chosen market

u (4) Do additional research and write down topic for your book

u (5) Use the three research tools to create a list of subtopics for your book

u (6) Outline the book using your list of subtopics

U (7) Create a title, sub-title, and pen name for your book

u (8) Post the article writing job to TextBroker.com for your book

u (9) Using a template and one purchased image, create your Kindle book cover

u (10) Setup your pre-ebook Word or OpenOffice document using a template provided

u (11) Copy/paste your TextBroker articles into your ebook and edit them for grammatical
and spelling errors

u (12) Write your book’s introduction and conclusion (optional)

u (13) Save your document as a .htm/.html file (web page) and use the ebook creation
instructions to turn your Word or OpenOffice document into a Kindle-ready file

u (14) Publish your Kindle book

u (15) Schedule a KDP Select promotion for 1 day

u (16) Get at least 3 reviews and 3 likes BEFORE your KDP Select promotion starts


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