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This is the second part of the label design follow-along. If you missed the first part, make sure you go here to grab it:

Continuing the Process

As you recall from the first part of this follow-along, I set up the contest and in less than 24 hours I started receiving submissions from designers.

I also showed in that document how to eliminate designers and how to provide feedback.

One thing to note is that because I selected a standard 7-day design contest, I received designs over a 4-day period. So you want to make sure that during those 4 days you are paying very close attention and providing as much feedback as possible to the designers… as fast as possible. This way they can give you a finished design that you absolutely love.

The idea after the first phase is that you will select a small group of your best designers to continue to the final phase.

This time, they will be even more eager to give you a great design because they know you are happy with their work. However, in this phase, you should be focused on modifications of their existing design submissions, not entirely new designs.

If you are not happy with any of the designs you received, you can contact support and ask them to extend the contest for a few more days.

Selecting Your Finalists

Under each submission you will see a “Select” button that let’s you select that designer as one of your finalists. Select all the ones you wish to move to the next round.

This process will last 3 days, and just as we paid very close attention and provided quick feedback during the first phase, we want to provide even faster feedback each time a design is submitted in the final phase, since it is shorter. will keep reminding you on a daily basis to select your finalists and move to the next phase, but from our experience, it is not a big problem if you take a couple of days to do this. Just make sure once you do, you are ready and able to keep getting on the site many times a day to check on new designs and provide feedback.

The Submissions We Received

Just to give you an idea, here are some screenshots of design submissions we received. NOTE: These have not been purchased and you have NO rights to use these!

I simply want to give you an idea of the quality of the designers on the site.

These are in no particular order and range greatly in style, as you will see.

The above are just some of the design submissions we received. You can see the styles vary greatly, and this is what we really like about and why we post such vague instructions. We want to allow the designers to be creative in what they come up with.

We received a total of 50 submissions in the allotted 4 days. Not all of them followed the guidelines as you saw in the first part of this follow-along.

Throughout the process I continued to provide feedback and request changes, and the designers continued working and giving me what I asked for.

Our Finalists

It is now time to select our finalists. Jason and I got on the site this morning and decided on the designs we want to take forward and see improved. We will then ask the designers for very specific changes.

If you only have one design you like, there is no problem in only taking that designer through the final stage, however, if you followed along and did what we suggested, which was to guarantee a winner, know that you must select a winer from the group you take to the final stage, even if you only select one finalist.

Below are the designs we liked the most and will take to the final round…

What’s Next

Over the next 3 days, we will continue to provide feedback and request improvements on the submissions by each of the designers, then at the end of 3 days we will need to pick a winner.

If at any point you decide you want to eliminate a designer, you can do it from the entries page, but I suggest you refrain from doing that. Instead give the designer a chance to come up with something else that you like better.

If you are satisfied with any of the current submissions, you do not need to wait the full 3 days. You can select a winner and end the contest at any time.


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