Adding a New Physical Product Listing to Amazon


Adding a New Physical Product Listing to Amazon


1.    Buy a barcode from buy a

2.    Login to

3.    Click “Add a Product” under the “Inventory” tab.

4.    Click “Create new product”.

5.    Choose the appropriate categories and sub-categories.

6.    On the “Vital Info” screen fill out the:

a.    Product name

b.    Manufacturer

c.    Brand Name

d.    Model Number (you can create this)

e.    Manufacturer number (identical to above)

f.    UPC

7.    On the “Offer” screen fill out:

a.    Condition

b.    Condition note (you want to describe the quality of the product here)

c.    Your price

d.    Sale price (less expensive than Your price)

e.    Quantity (at least 500)

f.    Handling Time (1-2 days)

g.    Start Selling Date (today)

h.    Shipping method (you will be shipping yourself)

8.    Upload Images of the product.

9.    On the “Description” screen fill out:

a.    Key Product Features (five lines telling how amazing the product is)

b.    Product Description (this is the sales pitch, so be creative)

10.    On the “Keywords” tab fill out:

a.    Platinum Keywords

b.    Search Terms

c.    Intended Use

d.    Target Audience

e.    Other Attributes

f.    Subject Matter

11.    Finally, on the “More Details” page fill out:

a.    Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price

b.    Product dimensions

c.    Shipping Weight

d.    Size

e.    Directions

f.    Ingredients

g.    Target Gender

h.    Item Display Weight

i.    Serving Size

12. Click Save and Finish.

Your Product should now be posted.


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