Amazon Brand Registry


Once your listing has been live for about 2-3 weeks, Amazon locks down the content. If you want to make changes at that point, Amazon asks to see that you are making changes to that content on a live brand website or manufacturer’s site. Then you have to contact seller support so they can complete the change for you.

With Amazon Brand Registry, you don’t have to go through all that.

Amazon Brand Registry allows you to control content on your product listing page (e.g., titles, descriptions, details, images). As the brand registered owner, you can make changes to your listing directly, which allows you to more easily manage your brand.

It is also allows you to protect your brand, which is very important because Amazon product listings can be edited by almost anyone. If you do not protect your brand, other Amazon sellers can modify your listings. They can claim some form of ownership of your product brand, trade name, and company name. They can even list their products on your listing to undercut your sales.

That is why we recommend using Amazon Brand Registry.

Make sure you have the following:

■    Your branded website.

■    Your branded email.

■    Photos of your product in branded packaging.

To set up your Amazon Brand Registry, follow the instructions at: https:/


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