Your Amazon Customer List Asset



The purpose of this article is to learn about the importance of your customer list you generate from selling on Amazon and some ideas of how to use it.

The Customer List

In addition to the product brand that you’ve built, your other main asset that you build from Amazon is your customer list. This list is not built with email addresses of those who bought from you via Amazon, as those emails go through Amazon’s encrypted email system. Instead, the main customer list I’m referring to is the one that has names, shipping addresses and products ordered by all the people that have ever bought from you on Amazon. This list is incredibly valuable as it contains information on people you already know are interested in your product and that have experience with your product.

Since this list is so incredibly valuable, you might want to think about regularly exporting your customer list from Amazon. I recommend this in case something should happen to your Seller account. If it does, you don’t lose all that data and you have a fairly up-to-date list to work from. The instructions on how to do that are provide below.

Amazon does say that you’re not supposed to send marketing promotions or non-order related information to your customers. With that said, in my experience I’ve never heard of anyone actually getting in trouble for that. I’ve done it myself and I know of people who have been selling on Amazon for years and have never gotten in trouble for that. A likely reason this is true is because one strategy you CAN use is to send physical mail, such as a postcard announcing the launch of a new product and provides a website address they can visit. Then, on your site you may have an Opt-In page to get their email address. This is just an example, but, in my opinion, as long as you do some smart marketing, send your customers some good value-added offers and don’t send out spammy offers, then you can get away with sending these types of physical offers. However, there is still a risk so do use caution and proceed at your own risk.

Something else you can do, which is totally at your discretion and is done at your own risk, is to swap your customer list with someone else that is part of this elite membership and who is selling on Amazon in a similar market. You’ll need to come up with some sort of agreement as far as marketing to those people. It’s a quick and effective way to grow a customer list.

Exporting Your Customer List

In order to export your order data (i.e. your customer list) from Seller Central, go to ‘Orders’ >> ‘Reports’ and export your last 30 days’ worth of order. You can do this on any time table you wish, but 30 days is a good period.

Example Campaign for Your Customer List

This is just an example of a campaign you can do that can take advantage of your exported customer list. First, create a postcard design using a service like Next, upload your customers’ addresses to send out the postcard to each customer list with a “customer-only” 25% off coupon code, good for a specific time period only.


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