Place these codes into cpvlab exactly as shown. If using Tracking202 it may be slightly
different where they are placed, however the “URL Append Tokens” stays the same.

This Parameter Token reflects clicks from the Adgroup Level

Name: Bid Match Type

URL Append: &bid={BidMatchType}

Parameter: bidmatchtype

This Parameter Token shows data of the Ad ID number that got the click (You will need the
ID number from your tracking to find in Bing account)

Name: Ads

URL Append: &ad={AdId}

Parameter: ad

This Parameter Token shows actual click query string received from network
Name: Query

URL Append: &query={QueryString}

Parameter: query

This Parameter Token shows actual match type delivered Keyword to the Adgroup Level
(use this to identify the REAL keywords getting you clicks into Adgroups)

This Token is a campaign saver learn to use correctly!

Name: Match Type Delivered
URL Append: &match={MatchType}
Parameter: match

*This is the standard Keyword Parameter and should be set up within your settings area
for the Bing network profile (this code will show the keyword that got the click to landing

Name: Keyword

URL Append: &keyword={keyword}



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