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Why haven’t I heard of this? What Module is this part of?


•    Once approved, it locks your listing to your brand and your seller account.

•    You get full control of your product listing; only you can change the graphics, title, and description.

•    Helpful for eliminating hijackers

•    Helpful when dealing with people who try to use your listing to sell things that are NOT your product

•    Can use an image size of 850×1200 for your product description.

•    Once approved, you get a GCID (Global Catelog Identifier) which you must link to your listings.

•    Once approved, you can apply for Frustration Free Packaging.

How long does it take?

Folks have reported from a few days to 10 days.


Once approved, be sure to link the GCID to your products or you really haven’t accomplished

anything. Brian Klecker has a video on this process, the link can be found below.

Needed for Registration:

•    Brand domain based email such as (not gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc.)

•    Brand web site

•    Eligible key attribute varies based on Product Categories. Key attributes such as product ID, part number, model number, catalog number, etc. Product ID appears in all categories as of when I’m putting this together so that may be a good choice for Key Attribute. Make up one long enough to be unique. Each value must be unique for each product.

NOT needed for Registration:

•    Trademark registration is not necessary but Amazon accepts the Brand faster but others successfully completed brand registration without a TM. Submitting the Trademark is good enough, it does not have to be fully processed.

•    Several people have reported they can still use the Interactive Listing tool for their listings rather than feed files. Looks like Amazon previously required the use of an Excel template to make updates but now folks can use the Interactive Listing Tool (ILT).

•    One person was able to do a brand registration without having a product up at Amazon (Yoshi Kasho)

Brian Klecker Brand Registration Guide:

With so many questions about this process popping up I figured I’d do a summary video that I hope will help anyone who’s confused on this process.

There are actually several steps in getting brand registered and you can’t really do the next step until the previous one is finished. In summary they are:

1.    Decide on your Brand

2.    Prepare your Brand by filing for a Trademark, Getting a website or Facebook Brand Page set up, create a brand email, create your brand logo, apply your brand logo to your products packaging, and prepare images of your product packaging for Amazon.

3.    Apply for Brand Registration with Amazon and provide proof of your brand

4.    Answer quickly any questions Amazon asks about your brand

5.    Get Approved

6.    Apply your Brand Registration to your product listing on Amazon

Step 6 most folks don’t do or forget to do, but until it is done your listing is not fully connected to your brand.

So that is what mostly prompted me to make this video to show you each of the steps in Applying your Brand Registration to your product that is already listed on Amazon.

Also, this was a fairly good discussion on Brand Registration that will answer questions so please look at this post also to see if you’re question is answered already before posting here.

Pete Jett, Locked out of Listing:

I’ve been told but haven’t yet tried this way to make changes if you are “locked out” of making traditional type changes in your inventory area because you have a brand. Great way to not have to use a flat file upload…_How To make changes to a listing, even if “locked” under a brand

1) Try to make the change as normal through your inventory area

Wait an hour to see if change is propagated through system.

If it is not accepted,

Then go to bottom of inventory page (or some other pages) and click on ‘Contact Seller Support’

You should go to…/ref=xx contactus…

Then in area 1 ‘What is the problem?’

-Click on ‘Inventory’ drop down

-Then click on “Wrong information on product pages”

Scroll down, enter ASIN and information and submit

I’ve also been told that you don’t really have to enter all your new information here either

That it should all be in a ‘buffer’in the Amazon system if you tried to upload it earlier from the inventory area

Even if you’ve entered html or other data that you may have entered intially in the inventory area that

appeared not to take…

it should have all been stored by the system.

Supposedly you just have to prove who you are, and that you are the one authorized to make the changes, then request them to

push the changes through… the ones that you made and that are stored.

Question responses (samples from others but use what makes sense for your business):

•    Keep an eye on your email once you submit the form as Amazon may have follow-up questions. Be quick and professional in your response.

•    Answer to “We Manufacture the products” or “We distribute and private label them”?

o We distribute and private label them

Amazon Link to Brand Registration

Amazon Help Pages

page.html/ref=ag 200955930 cont scsearch?ie=UTF8&itemID=200955930

Form Screenshots below:

brand information


brand registry 2

Amazon Brand Registry Enrollment Request

Thank you for applying for the Amazon Brand Registry. Learn more.

If you did not already include images of your logo and branded packaging as part of your application request, we will follow up with an e-mail to upload images at a later date.

You will be contacted in the next few days regarding your application. At that time, we will request any additional information we need and will advise you as to how long the approval process will take. If necessary, we may request to set up a phone call to discuss your application.

If approved for the program, you may need to update your feeds so that new and existing products include your brand name and the unique identifying attribute that you identified during the enrollment process.


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