Building a Brand Presence – Part 1



Brand presence is important. This lesson touches on the first steps to building your brand presence and diversifying your revenue.

Brand Presence Value

Even though you’re selling your products on Amazon, a great way to establish Brand presence is to create your own brand website. This is also a good way to diversify your revenue, meaning that it isn’t just about your brand/products being on the Amazon site.

The reason this is a good first step is because even though your products are selling on Amazon, a lot of people will do Google searches to look up your brand. Having something out there helps build a connection between your product(s) and the potential customer.

Brand Presence Quality

One of the things to be concerned about, though, is the quality of the brand website. I’ve had the experience where I’ve just thrown a website together and people have commented that they didn’t feel they could trust the product because the website was not very nice. If you have a good, solid, professional-looking website representing your product and your brand, that can get people buying your product from either your website (if you’re selling it directly on there) or from Amazon because they feel more confident about the products.

Brand Website Tips

Here are some solid tips to follow when building your brand website:

1.    The Website Needs to Look Good

Always be professional, create a high-quality website, and represent your product accurately.

2.    Link to Your Amazon Products

From your website you can link to your Amazon products or, as I’ll teach you in the next video, you can set up an eCommerce store so you can sell your products directly from your website as well.

3.    Include More Information

On your website you can include other valuable information that you maybe didn’t have room for or was in a format that could not be used on Amazon, such as videos. You can include directions and helpful tips; anything to help people get more value out of your product and have a better experience using it.

4.    Customer Service Contact Info

You want to have a good Customer Service contact information field. Whether as a fill-in form or just an email address where you can be contacted, you want something so people can get a hold of you. A lot of times those contacts can lead to positive Amazon reviews.

5.    Capture Emails

Capture emails from your website to build your customer list which you can use to promote you Amazon products.

Diversifying Revenue

When someone who owns a retail shop or online store sees your product on Amazon, or anywhere else, they may want to wholesale your product or sign up as an affiliate. By you having a brand website they can contact you about that and then, at that point, you can evaluate if you would like to do that. It can be a great source of revenue.


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