Choosing a Brand Name and a Product Name


Now that you have picked a product, here are some tips and suggestions to help you choose a brand name and a product name.

Don’t try to perfect these from the start. That will only slow you down. Sales results will come from the marketing you learn in this course, not from your name.

You will refine your name over time.

At first, no one will be looking for your brand name when they do a product search on Amazon. And it is not necessary to include your brand name in your Amazon listing title. People will only see your name in on your product label or packaging.

Here’s how to keep it simple so you can get up and running quickly:

Step 1. Pick a brand name that fits your market. Look at other products in your market, and see what kinds of brand names resonate with your audience. Come up with a few that could work. Ideally, you will find something with an available domain name.

Step 2. Once you have some ideas, go to a site like and see if any of them are available as a URL.

If your product name is available, you do not need to register it right away. You can if you want to, and we do recommend spending the $9 or $10 just to secure it, but that is not necessary for this course.

If none of your names are available as a domain, you might want to pick something else. Down the road, you will want to expand your brand and have a web presence. And even before then, you want to use something unique.

Step 3. Search Amazon to see if anyone is using the name you have in mind. Just type your brand name into the Amazon search bar, and see if it comes up.

Step 4. Do a trademark search for the name. Follow the link below this video. It is always a good idea to do a trademark search if you’re going to be selling in the US.

Step 5. For the product name, pick something relatively simple that resonates with your audience. Something they would expect. You don’t want them to try and guess what your product is. Be sure to include one or more keywords in your product name to help rank your product on Amazon.

Many people waste time trying to get this perfect. Think of it as a work in progress. You can make changes as you go.


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