Compiling List of Sub-Topics for Your Book’s Chapters


Day 2, Step 2

Time to Completion: 20 minutes

Now that you have a specific topic for your book you are going to compile a list of sub-topics
that will become your book’s chapters.

Go through each of these tools and create a list of sub-topics. After using all the tools, you’ll go
through your list of sub-topics and choose five that make the most sense as chapters for your

Source 1: Amazon Suggested Search

Just like Google, Amazon collects search data from people typing in search phrases in its search
bar at the top of its website. You can use this data to your advantage.

Type your topic into Amazon’s suggested search bar and see what pops up.

Write these keywords down to compile with the data you’ll get from the next sources.

Source 2: Wordtracker’s Keyword Questions Tool

This is my favorite tool for creating an outline of a topic for content creation. Using this tool
allows you to create content on the exact topics people are looking for.

How to Use Wordtracker’s Keyword Questions Tool

1.    Visit

2.    Type in your topic into the keyword search box and click search

There will undoubtedly be some results that don’t make any sense for your book. Just ignore

Instead, focus on the questions related to your topic that DO make sense. These can be your
exact chapter titles for your book.

Go ahead and add the popular questions related to your book to your list of keywords from
using Amazon’s suggested search feature.

*Note about this tool: If you want to use the tool for multiple searches, you will likely need to
clear your cookies, shut down your browser, and re-load the page to re-use it without having to
pay or sign up for a membership.

Source 3: Google Keyword Tool

Google’s keyword tool is still a great source of information when researching sub-topics for your

How to Use the Google Keyword Tool

1.    Visit

2.    Type in your topic into the search box

3.    Enter the captcha

4.    Click search

The only problem with using this tool for this program is the overwhelming and potentially
paralyzing amount of data it gives you. So, stay focused, and stick to your time limit.

Quickly go through these results and extract a few phrases that can be added to your list of
items for your book.


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