Converting Seller Ratings Into Reviews



The purpose of this guide is to show you a powerful way of getting reviews by converting seller rating feedback.

As you sell more and more products you are going to get customers posting seller feedback that actually either contains a product review or at least elements of it.

They do this simply because they do not understand the difference between seller feedback and a product review.

When this happens you will just need to contact them directly.

The Best Approach

The last thing you want to do is tell your customer that they did something wrong. So how do we get them to change their seller rating to a product review without blaming them?

It’s quite simple! We just blame Amazon

So instead of telling them they put the product review in the wrong place we tell them that Amazon has put their product review in the wrong place!

Below is a skeleton of the message you send them, we do not want everybody sending out the exact the same email so it is up to you to fill it out in the style that suits you.

  1.  Say Hello, use their name (very important)
  2.  Thank them for their seller rating
  3.  Explain that it appears Amazon have put it in the wrong place, in your seller rating and not as a product review
  4.  Ask VERY nicely if they could spare a couple of minutes to post it as a review
  5.  Paste their Seller Feedback into the email 
  6.  Give them the link to submit a review for your product
  7.  Tell them they can just copy and paste their feedback into the review form and it will only take them a couple of minutes
  8.  Make sure you add that you understand they have a busy life but you would really appreciate their help
  9.  Thank them again for their seller feedback and for being a customer

Use this method whenever you see a product review come in as a seller rating.

There is no need to remove the seller rating using Matt’s method unless it is bringing down your rating

Do not be disappointed if your customer does not change it, you are going to be asking for a review in your email sequence anyway, so hopefully they will leave a product review then.


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