How to Create Coupon Codes in Seller Central


This short report will guide you through the process of creating a coupon correctly for use in
your promotional efforts.

Please read this information carefully and follow the steps exactly to ensure you create
the coupon correctly. If you make a mistake in creating the coupon, it could be very

This guide will walk you through the process of creating a coupon that will essentially give a
customer 99% off your product price (you can make it any amount off you wish). It will NOT be a “percentage off” coupon. It will be a “dollars off” type of coupon, so you will need to
calculate how much 99% (or whatever percentage you wish) will be. Don’t worry, this report will show you how.

Creating Your 99% Off Coupon?

Remember, we are using 99% off as an example. Substitute 99% for whatever percentage you wish throughout the rest of this report.

The first step, before you even start the process is to figure out the amount off, in dollars and cents, you will be discounting to equal approximately 99% off.

Let’s say your product sells for $29.95. In order to give a customer the equivalent of 99% off, you simply multiply $29.95 x 0.99.

29.95 x 0.99 = 29.65.

This means your coupon will be set up to give the customer a discount of $29.65, so they will pay just $0.30 for your product.

If your product sells for $14.95, just follow the same process of multiplying by 0.99.

14.95 x 0.99 = 14.80

This means your coupon will be set up to give the customer a discount of $14.80, so they will pay just $0.15 for your product.

NOTE: You must remember that not only will you lose money on the cost of the product itself, but you will also be charged Amazon FBA fees on top of it. If you are not sure what this means, ASK before you proceed.

Now, armed with the amount off you will use for the coupon, just follow these steps to create it:

Step 1. Login to your Seller Central account and click on Advertising => Manage Promotions

Step 2. Click the “Create” link under the “Money Off” section

Step 3. In the “Create a Promotion” Screen, under “Step 1: Conditions” change the “Buyer Gets” option to “Amount off (in $)” using the pull-down, then enter the dollar amount you calculated to be the equivalent of 99% off. In the example below, we are assuming the product normally sells for $29.95, which means my 99% off dollar amount is $29.65. Use your own value to equal 99% off based on your previous calculation.

Step 4. Also in the Create a Promotion Screen, under “Step 1: Conditions,” click the “Create a new product selection” link and you will be taken to the “Create a New Product Selection”

Step 5. In the “Create a New Product Selection” screen, select “ASIN List” and click Submit

Step 6. Next, in the “Create Product Selection” screen, you will be asked to provide some

Product Selection Name / Tracking ID: You can type whatever you would like here. For
ease of use later, we like to type the name of the product (i.e. Vitamin C Serum)

Internal Description: This is just a description for you later. We suggest you also use the
product name here (i.e. Vitamin C Serum)

ASIN List: This is a list of ASINs that will qualify for the discount you are providing.
Although you can add multiple ASINs, for our purposes, we only want you to add a single
ASIN ( the one for the product you are providing the discount for). Your product ASIN can
be found under “Manage => Inventory” in Seller Central

Change Notes: This is not required. You can leave this blank.

Once you are done, click Submit and you should see a “Success” message on a screen
showing you the product selection criteria you just created.

Step 7. Close the “Manage Product Selections” window or browser tab and go back to the
“Create a promotion: Money Off” tab or window.

Step 8. Under “Step 1: Conditions,” use the pull-down next to “Purchase Items” and select the option “Select Another,” then you will see a pop-up window showing you the product selector you just created. Choose that one and click “OK”

and your selected item should now be seen as the selected pull-down option for “Purchased

Step 9. Under “Step 2: Scheduling” section, you need to enter some data:

Start Date: Leave this untouched. It will automatically be set to a few hours in the future,
which is fine. Amazon will not allow you to create a coupon that is not at least 3 hours from
whenever you are creating it.

End Date: You can set this date to be as far into the future as you want. You can always
change this later to expire the coupon when you want to.

Internal Description: Use a description that tells you what this is by just looking at it. This
is for you only (i.e.: Vitamin C $29.65 Off)

Tracking ID: This value must be unique, so Amazon automatically populates this for you. I
suggest you change it slightly to be more meaningful to you leaving the last set of numbers
and hyphens there for uniqueness (i.e.: Vitamin C Serum 29.65 Off 6-40-48-343)

Step 10. Under “Step 3: Additional Options” check the box next to “Claim Code.” This will
expand to show you other options:
One redemption per customer: Make sure this is checked!

Claim Code: Amazon will automatically provide you a coupon code. There is no need to
change this. If this box is empty, then click the “Suggest a code” button. You will want to
copy this value as this will be the coupon code that will give the customer 99% off your
product price. You will need to provide this to us.

Claim Code Combinability: Make sure “Exclusive” is selected!

Step 11. Also under “Step 3; Additional Options,” click the “Customize messaging” link to
expand that section, then uncheck the box next to “Detail page display text”

Note: It is VERY important that you uncheck this box, otherwise the discount information and
coupon code will show up on your product details page, and every Amazon customer will be
able to use it!

Once you uncheck the box next to “Detail page display text” there is nothing else you need to do. Just go ahead and click the “Review” button at the bottom of the page.

Step 12. On the next screen, you will review your setup, then click the “Submit” button.

You will then be taken to the “Manage Promotions” screen.

Congratulations, you are done creating your coupon!

On the “Manage Promotions” screen, you should see a list of coupons you created. Unless you have previously created other coupons, and they are ACTIVE, you will not see your newly created coupon here.

This is because the coupon is not “valid” yet. Remember that in step 9 above, we set the start date a few hours in the future, per Amazon’s requirements. Once that date and time come, you will see the coupon by refreshing or coming back to this page.

If you would like to see your coupon details right now, set the pull-down under ‘Promotion
Status” to “Pending” then click the “Search” button. This should display your newly created

On the coupon list, on the right side of each coupon entry, you will see a pull-down, under the “Actions” heading, which allows you to view, edit, or clone the coupon.

Why Percentage Off Coupons Should NOT Be Used

The reason we taught you to create a “dollar amount off” coupon instead of a “percentage off” type coupon is because if a customer adds 10 units of your product to the cart and then applies the coupon, with a dollar off coupon, they will get the exact dollar discount you set in the coupon configuration.

If you use a percentage off type of coupon, and a customer add 10 units to the cart, then applies your coupon code, they will get a percentage off the entire order, so you are giving them all those units at the discounted rate, and this does not help you with rankings in any way.

Bottom line: DO NOT use “percentage off” type coupons. Instead calculate the percentage
equivalent as we taught in this guide and always use “dollar amount off” type of coupons.

Creating More Coupons

If you want to create additional coupons for the same product, just follow the steps above,
except steps 5, 6, and 7, because you can reuse the same product selection criteria you have already created. For new products you need to follow all the steps again.

Changing the Expiration Date For Your Coupons

If you wish to change the expiration date, simply login to your Seller Central account and click
on “Advertising => Manage Promotions” and you should see a list on the bottom half of the
screen where you can see your active coupons. Simply click the pull-down under “Actions” next to the product coupon you want to expire and select Edit, then change the expiration date and submit the changes.


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