Create Your Kindle Cover Using the Templates Provided


Day 3, Step 1

Time to Completion: 30 minutes

The tasks for day 3 are to be done while you’re waiting for your TextBroker articles to be
written. You are going to create your book’s cover image and setup your pre-formatted book

Creating Your Kindle Book Cover

Rather than pointing you to somewhere like or to get your Kindle book
cover created, I have provided you with Kindle book cover templates for Photoshop and Gimp.

I recommend you use one of the templates for one reason: time.

If you put a job out on or, it may take 3-5 days to get your cover
designed. That waiting time would put you behind in the 7-day program. So, just use the
instructions below to create a unique cover using the templates provided for a quick, good¬
looking Kindle cover for your first book. Then, later on when you’re ready to build your Kindle
money-making empire, you can start getting custom covers created using other resources.

The first step is to choose a cover template. If you already have Photoshop, choose one of the
Photoshop templates. If you don’t have Photoshop, you have two options: (1) purchase
Photoshop (can pay a lot for the full license or about $50/month for their monthly license OR (2)
use Gimp (download here for Mac or PC:

Next, since the simple formula for all the cover templates is (1) title, (2) sub-title, (3) *eye-
catching image, and (4) author, the only thing you’re missing is the eye-catching image.

To get a good image, you need to actually buy the license to an image from an online image site.
I do NOT recommend you just use an image found using Google’s image search. Many of those
images are protected by copyright – something you want to avoid getting into with Kindle.

So, use one of these two sites for to get a reasonably priced, high quality image for your Kindle
book cover:



No matter which site you use, look for an inexpensive image (some will be priced much higher
than others) and buy the smallest size (cheapest). For the Kindle cover, you don’t need a very
big image and the small ones can be expanded enough to fit the cover.

If you haven t already done so, change the text on the cover template using the appropriate

program. Now, insert your image into the cover, stretching/cropping/shrinking as necessary.

Finally, save your cover as a .jpg file.


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