Create Your Publishing-Ready Kindle Book File


Day 5, Step 1

Time to Completion: 15 minutes maximum

To guarantee that your reader’s have a great experience with your book and that you don’t get
bad reviews due to formatting issues, you need to do one last formatting step before you
publish your Kindle book.

This formatting step involves turning your Word or OpenOffice file into an ebook file using a free

Creating a Kindle-Friendly File Using an Ebook Editor

You can use MobiPocket Creator if you are using a PC to create a .prc file OR you can use eCub if
you are using a Mac to create a .epub file – either will work for Kindle. Your goal in this step is to
successfully create a .prc or .epub file using one of the ebook editing software programs.

1.    MobiPocket Creator (if using a PC) – download here:

2.    eCub (if using a Mac) – download here:

Here are the instructions for using MobiPocket Creator to format your ebook file (for PC users):
1.    Open the software

2.    Under the “Import From Existing File” menu on the right, select “HTML document”

3.    Click “Browse” to select the web page file you created when you saved your Word

4.    Select a “Publication Folder” (the folder/directory on your computer where you want
the new book file saved)

5.    Click “Import” (after importing, you should see the “Publication Files – 1 item(s)” screen)

6.    Under “View” on the left, click “Cover Image”

7.    Click “Add a cover image” and select your cover image file (the BEST size to use is
600×800 – you may need to resize/crop your existing cover image to make it 600×800)

8.    Click “Update”

9.    Click the “Build” icon near the top-right

10.    Keep the build options as is and click the “build” button

11.    You are done. But, if you want to, you can click “Ok” with the “Open folder containing
ebook” bubble selected to view your .prc file in the folder you selected for publication.

Here are the instructions for using eCub to format your ebook file (for Mac users):

1.    Open the software

2.    Click “New Project” or “New”

3.    Enter your book’s information (title, identifier (just make up series of numbers if you
don’t have an ISBN), and author)

4.    Click “Next”

5.    Select the “Project file folder” location (the folder your book’s web page file and cover
are located)

6.    For “Ebook Types”, leave Epub select (otherwise, to use MobiPocket you will need to
download an additional plugin)

7.    Click “Next”

8.    Leave “From existing text or HTML files in project folder” selected and click “Next”

9.    On the “Convert text files” screen, leave all options as is and click “Next”

10.    On the “Content” page, make sure your book’s web page file and cover image files are

11.    On the “Cover Design” page, make sure your correct cover image URL path is listed and
click “Finish”

12.    Click the “Compile” icon at the top to create the .epub file


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