Creating a Title and Choosing an Author Name for Your Book


Day 2, Step 4

Time to Completion: 15 minutes maximum

The title of your book is one of the most important components of how well your book sells.
Your title needs to grab people’s attention quickly and make them want to read your book

Since creating a title is like writing a headline for an advertisement, a good place to come up
with ideas for your title is to look at effective headlines.

But, first, use this formula to create a powerful title and sub-title combination for your book:
Attention grabber (title) + colon (“:”) + three benefits (sub-title).

A great example of this is Tim Ferris’s Four Hour Workweek book:

Four Hour Workweek (attention grabber): Escape 9-5 (benefit 1), Live Anywhere (benefit 2), and
Join the New Rich (benefit 3)

One thing you need to keep in mind when creating your book title and sub-title is that the
Amazon customer browsing through books must not just see your title because it grabs his or
her attention, but must also instantly feel as though the book is related to his or her needs. So,
don’t try to get too clever or too obscure with your title or sub-title. It still needs to be clear
WHAT your book is about.

Take a look at these great headline resources for ideas:



• guide/160457/advertising/27 of the most effective headline words of all time.html

Choosing an Author Name for Your Book

Now that you have your book’s overall topic, sub-topics and chapters, and title/sub-title
combination, you need to determine what name you will use for the author of your book.

Since this 7-day program is designed to get you up and running with a money-making book on
Kindle as fast as possible, NOT to turn you into an award-winning author, my recommendation is
the following: For the author name of your book, use a pen name (made up name) that fits the
target demographic of your readers.

I recommend this for two reasons:

1.    You’ll sell more books if readers instantly feel that your book has been written by

someone just like them (has an author name of someone who COULD be just like them)

2.    Since you’ll most likely be outsourcing the writing of this book, the quality most likely
won’t be as good as something you would use to promote your personal or business

But, if you are using great content you already have or just want to put your name on the book,
feel free to do so.

Tips for Creating a Good Pen Name:

1.    If your target market is women, make it a woman’s name and visa versa for men

2.    If your target market is older, make it sound like an older person’s name

3.    Choose something unique (somewhat memorable; not “John Smith”), but not weird
(don’t want to turn people off)

4.    NEVER include fictitious credentials (e.g., “Dr.”) – they aren’t necessary and you can get
yourself in trouble


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