Creating an Seller Account if You Are Not from the US


If you live outside of the US and are in one of the Amazon-approved banking countries (see below), you will need to take a few extra steps. But don’t worry, as we have thousands of members who have done this before.

Amazon-approved banking countries:

Australia Germany Netherlands
Austria Greece New Zealand
Belgium Hong Kong Portugal
Canada India Slovakia
Cyprus Ireland Slovenia
Estonia Italy Spain
Finland Luxembourg United Kingdom
France Malta United States

If you live in or have a bank account in any of the above countries, you can skip this lesson and simply set up your seller account using your local information as described in Module 1, Lesson 1.

If your country does not appear in the above list you must set up the following:

A. US Address

Several services can provide this, but we recommend Earth Class Mail and have negotiated a free 3-month trial for you.

a.    Go to:

b.    Use coupon code: ASM2015
B. Bank Account in Amazon-Approved Country

This requires a little extra work but it is a simple process, and there are two ways to do it:

c.    Contact your local banks.

■    Ask if you can set up a US-based bank account (not a US currency account). The HSBC is a good example, although they can be quite strict and you normally already have to have an account with them, but do try them and any other local international banks.

■    Do not panic or get frustrated if none of them can do it for you because there is a second method.

d.    Use a 3rd party service.

■    We recommend World First, a currency exchange service that will create a US-based account so you can receive payments from Amazon and transfer the money into your local bank. We have built a close relationship with them, and they bend over backwards to help our members if there are any issues.

■    If for any reason you are unable to work with World First, you can use another service called Payoneer.


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