Creating Your Own Amazon Promotion



In this lesson you will learn how to set up your own promotion. A Promotion is basically a coupon or discount code that provides the customer a discount or incentive to buy your product.

We will go over this information here, but for more detailed information Amazon has an excellent tutorial. Just click the “learn more” link next to the “Manage Promotions” title inside Seller Central.

How to Set Up a Coupon Code/Promotion

•    Log into your Seller Central Account

•    At the top navigation select Advertising > Manage Promotions

•    Under Manage Promotions you will see 4 different types of promotions you can set up and run

  1.  Free Shipping – only for FBM products (Fulfilled By Merchant)
  2.  Money Off – Either a Flat dollar amount or a percentage off – this is the one you will use the majority of the time and the one demonstrated in this training 
  3.  By One Get One – Buy one and get one free
  4.  External Promotions – Gives your customers a post-order benefit

•    For this training we will focus on the Money Off promotion since this is the one you will use the most.

Configuring the Money Off Promotion

•    First you need to create a Product Selection list – a list of one or more of your products

  1. Choose Manage Product Selections
  2. Select “Create New Product Selection”
  3. You will see a list of options to select your product, ASIN is easiest
  4. Click Submit
  5. At the new screen you create your own Tracking ID or name of promotion and description
  6. Enter ASIN on ASIN List
  7. Click Submit

• Now click Manage Promotion button which will take you to this screen:

5 - Creating your own promotion-3

As you can see Amazon breaks it down into 3 different sections:

Step 1 – Conditions

•    Set up number of items or dollar amount the customer has to purchase for promotion (Most of the time you will want them to just buy 1 product)

•    Indicate which product you want this promotion to be applied to – or if you want all your products to have this promotion. (In this case we are setting up for just one product)

•    Now tell Amazon how much the discount is to be. It is recommended you use a dollar amount verses a percentage off.

•    Choose Applies to Purchased Items

•    Under Advanced Options you can add tiers such as if the customer buys 5 of one item they get a discount.

Step 2 – Scheduling

•    All promotions take 4 hours to get set up in the system

•    Set the start date and time

•    Set end date

•    Give the promotion a name – this is for your purpose only

•    Set tracking ID – though Amazon creates a default one for you

Step 3 – Additional Options

•    Checking Claim Code check box tells Amazon buyers must have a claim code to get discount – this is most likely what you will want to do.

•    Be sure to check “one redemption per customer” so no one can keep using your coupon.

•    Create the Claim Code if you want or use Amazon’s default

•    Claim Code Combinability – if you want to be able to combine other promotions but mostly do not check this to make this promotion exclusive

•    Check Out Display Text – Amazon had default text but you can change it – this shows up at checkout.

•    Short Display Text – you can leave that blank

•    Detail page display text – if you want this promotion to show up on your product page then check this box. We highly recommend you DO NOT check the box so it does not show up.

•    Terms and conditions – you can leave those as they are if you want

•    Then click Review

Reviewing Promotion

•    Be sure to review your promotion and check for any errors. If it is fine then click submit.

•    To view the promotion in your promotions list, it will be under “Pending”

•    Once your promotion goes live, be sure to test your promotion to see if it works by either using your buyer account from Amazon or having someone else use their account

  1.  Make sure promotion is not showing up on product detail page
  2.  Add the item to your cart 
  3.  Add the promotion code 
  4.  Check to see if the promotion is added
  5.  No need to actually purchase the product, just delete from your cart.

To learn how to use the other promotions, be sure to click the “learn more” link next to Manage Promotions inside the Seller Central Account.


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