Creating an Outline for Your Book


Day 2, Step 3

Time to Completion: 10 minutes

To create the outline for your book, you first need to choose five sub-topics from your list you
created in the previous step.

This step is limited to 10 minutes because I don’t want you to get stuck on choosing the world’s
greatest subtopics for your book. You just need to pick five and move on.

But, here are a few criteria for choosing your five subtopics from your list:

•    Can a 400+ word article be written about it?

•    Is it too specific or too generic?

•    Does it contain any specific brand name or product name? (probably want to avoid
these for now to avoid copyright and complaint issues)

Once you have your list of five topics, you are going to create your book’s outline. This will take
only a few seconds because all you need to do is plug your chapter titles into the outline below.

Book Outline

1.    Title page

2.    Copyright page

3.    Table of contents

4.    Introduction

5.    Chapter 1:_

6.    Chapter 2:_

7.    Chapter 3:_

8.    Chapter 4:_

9.    Chapter 5:_


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