Creating Attention-Grabbing Product Images


Product images are the first thing customers see when doing a search on Amazon, and they are critical for getting sales. After your title, images are the most important way to get Amazon shoppers clicking on your product.

■    High-quality images:

■    Draw attention to your product.

■    Make people want to click on your product.

■    Make people want to BUY your product (improve conversion rate).

■    Reduce risk for the customer.

■    Make the product seem more real (reduce drawback of online retail).

Product Image Guidelines

■    Use the maximum # of images: nine (may vary by product category)

–    Show different aspects of your product

–    Show your product being used (e.g., person applying face cream)

■    Main image

–    Pure white background

–    Crisp, clear and highest-quality possible

–    1000 by 1000 pixels, square

–    Make sure your product fills the majority of the image (stands out more)

■    File type

–    .jpg (preferred)



 To get started quickly, use the images your supplier sends. Ask them to provide different angles on a white background. It probably won’t be a pure white background, but at least the photos will be on a white background and you can use them right away.

Also, you can take pictures of the sample your supplier sends. For the main photo, put white construction paper on a table or stand everything up and take a nice picture with your cell phone or any camera. For other photos, you might show some kind of action or use a nice background.

Just put up the best pictures you can as fast as you can to launch your product quickly. You will upgrade all of this over time.

Here is the number one product that’s coming up for the keyword “shower mirror.”

show mirrorNice picture of branded box.

Lots of space around the product; they could zoom in much more.

increase more

Show product in use, but no reflection, no tile.

increase more2

 Shows tile, but still not a great shot.

Here is the number-two “shower mirror.”
figless shower mirror

Similar packaging.

This close-up shot looks much better.

close-up shot looks

This picture shows a man shaving, which brings the product to life.

shower mirror

This one shows the razor holder that comes with the product.

Here are a couple of images to inspire you:

images to inspire you

This one is creative, with little passport stamps to make you think of travel.

passport stamps

This one makes great use of the square space by showing the hooks and adhesive that come with the product.

 Compare these images to the ones used by the top sellers for this keyword. There is a real opportunity to do a better job with images, which translates into more sales.

Spend some time looking at how each of the top-ranking sellers for your product use photos.

Consider all the ways you can improve on what is out there now.


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