Customer Service & Administration Instructions


Customer Service & Administration Instructions

You are the sole point of contact between Amazon, Amazon customers, and all service providers with regards to our Amazon Seller account.

That said, you need to be 100% on top of all communication received via email and any information in the Amazon Seller dashboard (the screen you see when you login).

Amazon Seller Dashboard – What to Look for and Check Every Time You Login:

1.    Login to

2.    On the main screen you see once you are logged in, there is some important information you need to check each time you login:

   Left column:

o Unshipped:” quantity – once you get done processing the orders for the day, this should be 0. Otherwise, there are orders that have not yet been processed by you.

   Right-hand column:

o Seller Performance – this should be “Good”. If it’s not (e.g. is instead “Fair” or “Poor”), you need to click “View Details” and look for the areas in which we are being marked as “Fair” or “Poor”. Then, immediately report what you find to me.

o Buyer Messages – you need to check for any buyer messages and immediately respond to them. If you don’t know the answer to their question, tell them you are “Checking with a supervisor and will respond to their question in detail as soon as you have an answer” and leave your full name. Then, send me the question so we can figure the answer out.

Note: Below I will give you instructions for checking the email account for Amazon. But, you will see the same messages from customers in the email as in the Amazon Seller Account. Respond to their inquiries using the instructions above, NOT directly from the email account. You can just delete the customer emails from the email account once you are 100% sure you have responded to those specific emails in the Amazon account.

3.    How to report any issues to me:

•    I prefer to receive any issues via text message. If you REQUIRE a longer explanation, send me a text message that provides a one sentence summary of the issue and says “check Odesk for details”. Then, send a message to me with the details via Odesk. I prefer not to have to login to Odesk unless absolutely necessary, so please try to be as brief as possible and let us handle the issues via text message.

•    Here is how to send me a text message for FREE:

i.    Visit

ii.    Enter [your cell #] as the phone number

iii.    Enter your personal email as the return email (for me to be able to reply to you)


iv.    Select ‘Verizon’ as the provider

v.    Write your text message with “-[outsourcer initials]” at the end so I know it is from you

vi.    Enter the anti-spam answer

vii.    Click “Send it”

Email Account for our Amazon Seller Customer Support and Administration

1.    Login to [email account details]

2.    Check BOTH the Inbox and Spam folder

3.    How to handle specific kinds of emails:

a.    “Your e-mail to [CUSTOMER NAME]” – DELETE these, you don’t need them

b.    “Sold, ship now:…” – DELETE these, they are just telling you about the orders you will be processing

c.    “[CUSTOMER NAME – Amazon Marketplace” – this is likely an email from a customer. Read the email and respond to it WITHIN (not by email). Then, delete the email within the email account.

d.    “Fulfillment by Amazon” – DELETE these, they are just Amazon wanting us to fulfill our orders through them.

4.    For all other emails (ones you haven’t seen before or don’t know how to handle):

a.    Read the email.

b.    Send me a text message (use the instructions above) with a 1-2 sentence summary.

c.    Mark the email as “unread” so you KNOW to go back to it later.

d.    When I provide you with an answer, respond to the email as necessary.

e.    If you don’t hear back from me within 2 days, feel free to send me another text message. If that doesn’t work, send me an Odesk message and a Skype message.


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