Where to Find Drop-Ship Products



In this lesson you will learn how and where to find literally millions of “Drop-Ship” (DS) products to sell on Amazon without having to carry any inventory or handle any fulfillment.

Specific Sites

In this section we’ll take a look at a couple of key sites that deal in DS products:


The first site we will look at is a DS company called “Doba” (http://www.doba.com/ ). This particular site comes with over a million wholesale products that can be drop-shipped directly to your customers. This many products are made available by integrating a number of different manufacturers and DS companies, then enabling you to access them via a member account. Because of the integration, you deal with Doba directly instead of the multiple manufacturers and DS companies.

Here are some more details about Doba:

•    Doba offers a 7 day free trial, the regular payment being about $50 / month

•    there are tons of products in pretty much every market

•    products can be searched by a search field or by lists (category, supplier, etc.)

1. as we are talking in context of selling on Amazon, determining the ‘good products’ (ones you want to use) depends on what the price is on Amazon

•    multiple details are provided for each product:

  1. wholesale price
  2.  ‘you pay’ price (which may be equal to the wholesale price)
  3. potential profit and profit margin – your potential profit is the retail price minus the wholesale price, the margin a percentage calculated also using those prices
  4. shipping costs
  5. MSRP
  6. product description
  7. manufacturer part number
  8. shipping dimensions
  9. average processing time – very important in context of customer service
  10. average ship time
  11. fulfillment % – the higher the number the better
  12. in stock:unavailable ratio – indicates how well-stocked the product is

• there is a “Push to Amazon” option which you can tie to your Amazon Seller (AS) account

Processing an order through Doba is quite simple. First, when an order comes through from Amazon, go to Doba, find the item, fill in the details (including the customer information), check out and pay for the product with your credit card. Your potential profit on each item would be the retail price minus the wholesale price.

NOTE: paying with your credit card means you have about a 30 day period where you can come up with the funds to pay off the credit card. Since Amazon pays every 14 days, you have a bit of a cash flow buffer to work with.

World Wide Brands

World Wide Brands (http://www.worldwidebrands.com/ ) is similar to Doba in that it provides you access to a large number of products.

However, WWB differs from Doba by requiring you to contact a drop-shipper or wholesaler yourself rather than having it done in the way Doba does it, which is to handle the DS and wholesaler contact themselves.

To do this, you can locate the item on the WWB site, then visit the drop-shipper for that product, create an account there, locate the item on the DS’s list, then handle the ordering process there.

Another notable detail with WWB is that items can be found by brand, and it may be possible to contact the brand directly. When contacting a brand, you may receive the following:

•    price list – not all brands will do this, requiring that you first have an account with them

•    DS info, including such details as minimum order prices, etc.

•    documentation about setting up your account

NOTE: sometimes a DS company or service will specify a requirement that may not, in fact, be necessary. For example, depending on where you are, a business license may not be required

•    sign-up documentation, similar to account set-up info

•    order procedure information; information may differ between DS companies/services but usually the process is simple to understand and follow

When doing an item search, you can take list items from here, search Amazon to compare prices, etc., and determine if there is enough opportunity. There are thousands of different markets and thousands of different suppliers, so you shouldn’t have too much problem finding a suitable product.

Other Locations

While Doba and WWB are good places to start when searching for good DS resources, there are other places available.

A way to find such places is to add the term ‘dropship’ to the search parameter we use when searching on the web. For example:

“product name” dropship

(replace “product name” with the actual name of the product)

The returned results will either show a DS company or service directly or show a site where such info can be found. For example, alibaba.com is a good site to use to locate other drop-shippers, etc.


As you can see, there are a variety of options for locating drop-shippers and/or drop-ship items. You should have no problem filling a usable seller list with the products you find.


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