Forcing Amazon to Give You Traffic with Amazon Sponsored Ads


Most Amazon sellers set up their product listing, and that’s it. They either get results or they don’t. You are going to drive traffic to to your listing from inside Amazon and from outside the Amazon platform. This gives you a huge advantage.

The fastest way to get traffic to your product listing is through an auto-targeted Amazon Sponsored Products ad campaign. We recommend you use auto-targeting for two weeks and then extract the high-converting keywords it generates for more advanced manual targeting (which you will learn later in this course) with Amazon Sponsored Products ads.

When you use Amazon Sponsored Products ads, your product can appear at the top of the first page when people search for your keyword, even if your listing is nowhere near the top of the organic search results.

Amazon Sponsored Products ads can also be used to position your product within competing listings. In the section marked “Customers who bought this item also bought,” there is an area called “Sponsored products related to this item” These are paid ads.

Finally, there is also a section at the very bottom of the search results marked “Sponsored” These are ads too, and you’ll see a different group of ads on each page of the search results.

Here’s how to set up Amazon Sponsored Products ads for your product:

1. Log into your Amazon Seller Central account.

2. Hover over the “Advertising” tab in the navigation bar, and click on “Campaign Manager”
campaign manager

3.    Click the “Create Campaign” button, and enter the following information:

   Campaign name. For example, “Fogless Shower Mirror – Auto Target” reminds you that this is your auto targeting campaign.

   Daily budget. You probably won’t spend the full amount, but be sure to use a number you feel comfortable with. We recommend $50. You can also set this between $5-10 if that is all you are comfortable spending each day.

   Start and end dates. You can set your first campaign for 2-3 days to test your numbers and make adjustments before running a longer campaign. You can also set this up with no end date.

4.    Select “Automatic targeting,” and click “Continue to next step.”

5.    On the next page, you can enter a name for this group of ads or just leave the default name (i.e., “Ad Group 1”).

6.    For the “Default bid,” the suggested minimum is $0.05. We recommend you set this between $0.30 to $0.75. This is the cost-per-click you are willing to pay when someone clicks an ad from this ad group. To learn more about how this works, go to:


7. Enter your product name in the field for “Search by product name,” and click the “Search” button. This brings up your product listing.
automatic targeting8.    Click “Select,” and check the details of your ad campaign on the right.

9.    Click “Save and Finish” to create the campaign. This brings you back to the campaign manager page, where you can monitor your new campaign. Keep an eye on your ad spend, sales, and the “advertising cost of sales (ACoS)” shown on the right. These numbers allow you to watch the return on your advertising investment. Just be aware that sales often come in more slowly than ad money goes out, so your spend amount may climb for 3-4 days before you see any sales come in.

manage advertisingIf you are worried about your conversions, we recommend you run your campaign for four days, then pause it for four days and see how many sales come in. To do that, just click the green dot or the “Actions” tab on the left side and click “Pause.”


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