How to Get Your First Product Selling as Quickly as Possible


To get your first product selling as quickly as possible, apply for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) shipping right away. FBA lets you send Amazon your product inventory and have them ship your orders as customers buy. In contrast, Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) is where you fill those orders yourself.

If you set up FBA at the beginning, everything will be ready to go as soon as your inventory is available.

You also want to be able to promote your listing with the URL Amazon provides.

Every product listed on Amazon is assigned an Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN). The ASIN is added to the end of your product’s URL, which makes it a link you can use to promote your product listing — which is something you can start to do while you are waiting for your inventory to arrive in Amazon.

Get the faster packaging from your supplier. You’ll want premium packaging later, and we will show you how to get it. But to start quickly, use the fastest packaging you can from your supplier. Just something with your brand and product name on the wrapper.

If the products will be shipped from the supplier directly to you, you could print it yourself using address labels.

Again, wait until your second or third inventory order to worry about the quality of your packaging.

Right now, you just want to get selling right away.

So get your products listed on Amazon, and start promoting with that URL.


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