Getting Back in the Game: How to Get Set Up Again if Your Seller Central Account Was Banned



The purpose of this lesson is to help you get restarted with Amazon if you have had a Seller Central account that got banned.

This lesson is not going to apply to everyone. If you’re just getting started with Amazon, don’t even worry about this as it is just for those people that have had an Amazon seller Central account in the past that was banned, suspended, or permanently terminated.

Why does an account get banned?

An Amazon Seller account can get banned for a lot of different reasons. Some examples are:

•    Supplier issues

•    Use of an unreliable drop-shipper (which means you couldn’t control fulfillment)

•    Administrative/account management mishandling

•    Lack of knowledge (things you were supposed to do that didn’t get done, like responding to people’s messages quickly, not entering tracking numbers, etc.)

As you can see, there are a few different reasons why Amazon Seller Central accounts can get suspended, but if you do what we teach you, it won’t happen to you. That’s why if this is not your situation, then don’t worry about this as it doesn’t really apply. If it does happen to you then you have this lesson as a recovery resource, and for the people who have had this happen, this is definitely for you.

How to Recover From a Suspended Account

When dealing with a suspended account, the first thing you want to think about is making sure you don’t repeat the same mistakes. Whatever you do with your new account, do not do what you did with your old account because you already know that that can get you in trouble, so obviously don’t repeat the same mistakes, otherwise you are just wasting your time.

It’s really easy to avoid suspension. Just do what we teach: use fulfillment by Amazon, sell products Amazon likes, do the right things, treat customers right. If you do all that stuff right and you’re not doing drop shipping or those kinds of things, it’s pretty easy to avoid suspension.

Secondly, another thing to think about is this: if you have a suspended or terminated Amazon account you will likely not get it back. It’s just something you’re going to have to face. Feel free,as a first option, to go ahead and email them, plead with them, do all that kind of stuff, but you will likely not get it back.

Since you’re not likely to get that suspended account back, the only remaining option is to create a new one. When creating a new one, you’re going to need different information for this account to keep it distinct from the suspended account. Amazon, in all honesty, does not want you doing this. They don’t want you setting up a new Seller Central account, but I know you just want to get back up and running, you want to do the right things and build this massively successful business. So, here’s how to get back in the game and set up a new Seller Central account for people who have had one suspended:

•    You ‘ re going to need a new email address. Use Gmail or set up a new domain and set up a new email address there. You can do whatever you want. It doesn’t really matter.

•    You ‘ re going to need a phone number. For a new phone number you are going to have to verify your account, most likely, or talk to Amazon at some point. This is not a big deal, just typical account setup stuff. For that you don’t want to use the same phone number as your old account. You don’t want any of the information to be the same.

You can get a free phone number from Google Voice, just to do the verification.

•    You ‘ re going to need a new bank account or payment receiving method. You cannot use the one you used before. It needs to be a different account number and, ideally, a different name on that account. For example, you could use your wife’s, your mom’s, your dad’s, etc… It doesn’t have to be a different name, but it should be different if possible.

You’ll need a new credit card. A prepaid credit card can work for this. Again, use a different one than you used before. This is just for the $40/month account holder fee that you get a free trial for and, honestly, you will never have to pay for this through your credit card because it automatically comes out of your Amazon account.

•    You want to use a different address. All the information should be different; you can use EarthClassMail. We have a free trial included for all members. Just use this coupon code when you sign up: ASM2014.

•    You want a different name on the seller account. You don’t want to use the same business or personal name; you want all that to be different.

•    You want a different IP address and a different computer because Amazon seems to be able to track MAC address. I’ve talked with some people who said that is not possible, but some people say they can definitely do that. I don’t know. I’m not really a supertechie person myself, but it’s best to be on the safe side because big money is on the line here with what we teach.

So, use a different IP address. If you want to keep accessing it from your home, just get a different router and that will change your IP address or change internet service providers. There’s a bunch of ways you can do it. You can get one of those little USB WiFi things that plugs into your computer. Just use anything that gives you a different IP address. Or if you used to do stuff from your office and now you are working from your home and you never accessed it from your home before, then it’s not going to be a problem. You can use a different computer that you never used to access your account before. It doesn’t matter if it’s a different computer that you own, belongs to a friend or one you buy (you could pick up a $200 laptop from the store).

A Few More Tips

1.    You want to be disciplined with accessing your account. Do not cross with the old account, meaning that if you used that computer to access your old account, don’t use it to access the new one. If you accessed it from a certain internet location before, don’t do that this time. Don’t forward new account emails to the same email as your old account. You want to keep everything separate. I, for example, check everything from my Gmail account. You want to make sure that if you’re setting up a new email address to not send everything to your Literally keep everything separate.

2.    Don ‘t sell the exact same products. If you had one product that was under one brand and you were the only one selling it before and your account got suspended, don’t sell that product. When Amazon sees a new account pop up that has that same brand and product, it looks a little fishy. So don’t sell the exact same products as before. You could change the brand and/or sell different products; do whatever you have to do.

3.    Use a little bit of extra security. In the video I mention an option where you can use the same computer and IP address without a problem by implementing a remote desktop. This is like a remote computer you can use in the cloud, so you access it from a Mac or PC and you can just log in and use that only for your Amazon account. I actually do this for my stuff, just to keep everything safe, but you can use this if you want. To use, just visit this link (Choose the “Eco 1” option).


To wrap up this lesson, remember:

•    Don’t make the same mistakes as the last time. You really want to be in this for the long run.

•    Do things right.

•    Sell good products.

•    Ship them on time (use FBA so you don’t have to worry about that).

•    Treat Amazon customers well.

•    Do good customer service.

By doing all these things, you’re showing that you’re really in this for the long run. Jason and I

have had all kinds of issues online: Adwords accounts getting suspended, AdSense trouble, etc.

It just happens when you push the limits too far and you end up getting into trouble. Clearly it’s not really something you want to do and definitely not a good strategy. Black hat stuff and pushing the limits is really just short term thinking. You want to be in this for the long run to make big money, not just short term profit.

And get started right now. Do not be afraid by this – it’s really easy to do. Just go back through the information and do those things differently that need to be new. Make sure you keep everything separate and you’ll be up and running.

Be disciplined ! Don’t access your new account from any of the old stuff, don’t use any of the old account information and you can get back up and running with Seller Central.

Take advantage of everything this program has to offer. Go do it right now before you do anything else. That’s what Module 1 is all about: getting you in the game or, in your case, getting you back in the game.



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