Getting Set Up to Sell Kindle Books on Amazon



The purpose of this lesson is to teach how to go about getting set up to sell books on Kindle and
what you can find on your
“Kindle Direct Publishing” (KDP) dashboard.

Where to Start

In order to start selling on Kindle, you need to visit the KDP web page ( If you
already have a seller’s account (either because of having gone through other modules or you
were already selling on Amazon), you can use those credentials to sign in. Otherwise, you can
click on the “Sign up” button to go and create a new account.

Here is a helpful link regarding the details of creating an account. It includes info on creating
your account, adding company/publisher info, tax info and payment info:

Once you’ve signed up or signed in to your seller’s account, you’ll be able to configure it so you
can start publishing and selling Kindle books and getting paid for the ones you sell. The payment
period, according to Amazon, is “… 60 days following the end of the calendar month during
which applicable sales occur.”

Here is a helpful link regarding payment details:

KDP Dashboard

If you have a seller’s account, you’ll notice the KDP dashboard is different even though you used
your seller’s account credentials to sign in. That’s ok – it is just Amazon’s way of differentiating
between selling products on Amazon and selling Kindle books on Amazon.


When you first sign into your KDP dashboard, you’re brought to the “Bookshelf” page. On this
page you will see:

•    “KDP Select” Program plug – Amazon is really pushing this program and the details for it
are actually covered in a later lesson within this module

•    Book list – this is a list of books you are actively selling on Amazon. It contains the
following info:

•List Price
•Date Submitted

•Status – for newly uploaded books, the status will read something like “In
review” which is a 12 to 24 hour process. Once reviewed, and if approved, it
should go to “Live” status, indicating it is now actively selling.
KDP Select – it indicates if the book has been enrolled in KDP. If not, you’ll see
the value “enroll”.


Your Account

An important page within your KDP dashboard is the “Your Account” page. This page can be
accessed by clicking the link found at the top of the page (shows your account name). This is
where you’ll be able to enter basic information about yourself (e.g. Company / Publisher Info),
tax info and royalty payments.

Here’s a view of the “Company / Publisher Info” section:

publisher info


In the “Tax Info” section, you’ll be able to enter a tax reporting name (if you are just paying
yourself, put your name or if a company, then put the company name) as well as provide your
SSN (Social Security Number), TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number) or EIN (Employer
Identification Number).

Here’s a view of the “Tax Info” entry section:


The “Royalty Payments” section is where you tell Amazon how you want to get paid. You’re able
to tell, for each Amazon country (e.g. UK, DE, FR, etc.), whether to pay by cheque or
Funds Transfer’
(EFT) and in what currency.

As you can tell, the KDP account setup is much more simplistic than the Seller Central account

setup as it requires less information than the Seller Central account. Having this simple setup

makes it easier for anyone interested in KDP to get up and running fairly quickly.


This page takes you to a list of available reports:

•    Month-to-Date Unit Sales – this is just a quantity report with no data on how much
money was involved. It also doesn’t differentiate between free or paid sales. Key
information, by title / ASIN, is:

• Units Sold

• Units Refunded

• Net Units Sold – (units sold) – (units refunded)

• Units Borrowed – people with an Amazon Prime account, a paid account, are
able to borrow some books for free

Note: the details reported are for a specific Amazon country. A drop-down list field
containing the various Amazon countries can be used to access and individually view
details of another specified country.

•    Prior Six Weeks Royalties – shows how much you got paid in the prior 6 weeks

•    Note: when you first start out, this report will be empty as Amazon doesn’t start paying
you until, as mentioned, 60 days past the end of the calendar month the sales were
made in

•    Prior Months Royalties – shows how much you got paid in prior months


As you can see, getting set up for an account and navigating the dashboard is quite simple.

You’re now ready to get onboard with Kindle and start publishing and selling.


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