Getting Your First Product Reviews


When launching a new product, you want to get 3-10 reviews for your product listing as soon as possible. To do this, you can offer friends and family a free product in exchange for a product review.

Just use the email template we’ve included in this lesson to let them know you are starting a new business, you have a first product, and you would love to give them one in exchange for their review.

The email template tells your reader exactly what to do, step-by-step, and even gives them some ideas about how to write the review. Your friends and family will most likely be excited to get a free product and to help you get your business off the ground.

You can also post a special offer on your Facebook page or other social media. Just modify the email template into a social media post, and let people know you will give them your product in exchange for a review.

You can give the product away either before you send your inventory to Amazon, if that is an option, or you can set up a fulfillment order if your product is already in Amazon, and have Amazon ship directly to your reviewer.

Later in this module you will learn how to create a coupon code people can use to order directly through Amazon as a “verified buyer.” When you do that, the words “verified buyer” appear in the review, letting other people know that review was written by someone who actually purchased your product.

For now, you’re just going to give the product away and have your reviewers state in their review that they received your product as a promotional item in exchange for a review. That keeps you out of trouble.

If you are starting your business in a country other than the US, and/or don’t have friends and family in the US, you can post a request for help in the ASM community. Ask other members if they have friends or family who would be willing to give you a review in exchange for a free product.

Another thing you can do, if you have inventory at your house, is give the product directly to your friends and family before you ship it to Amazon.

Here are some of the things you want people to review for you:

   Packaging: How well-designed the packaging is. Maybe something stands out for them, something they really liked it about the packaging (e.g., “everything was packaged really well”).

   Shipping: How quickly the order arrived, that everything was really smooth.

   Usability: Specific things that work well with this product, what they like about it.

   Benefits: How the product makes their life better, reiterating some of what you listed in the product description bullet points.

Be sure to have them put everything in their own words so the reviews have variety.

If you want to have the product shipped directly from Amazon, here’s how to manually create a fulfillment order:

1.    Log into your Amazon Seller Central Account.

2.    Hover over “Inventory” and click “Manage Inventory” This brings up your inventory page.

3.    Click the down-arrow button next to “Actions,” and click “Create Fulfillment Order”

4.    Enter the information for the person to whom you would like to ship this order. The order ID will be automatically generated. The default comment says, “Thank you for this order.” You might want to include something more like, “I look forward to your review.”

5.    Scroll down and click “Continue” Review your order and click “Ship This Inventory,” or you can choose to have Amazon hold the order for up to two weeks.


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