Grabbing Your Piece of Amazon Real Estate


This lesson shows you exactly what to put on the product listing page in your Amazon Seller Central account.

You will need:

■    Universal Product Code (UPC). ASM is going to provide you with your first one for your first product, and you can use that on your listing.

■    Your choice of Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) or Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM). Most people going to choose FBA, but again you have those two options.

■    Your choice of category for your product. Product categories have different options, and you can always change this later.

■    Product images, title, bullets, description, and keywords.

Important fields to complete:

   Key product features: These are shown as bullets.

   Key search terms: These are used to help rank your product organically in Amazon.

   Manufacturer’s retail price: This will be the highest one.

   Your price: This will usually be a little less than the manufacturer’s retail price.

   Sale price: This is the price at which you will actually sell your item. It will display as always being on sale, and it is very important to set this up correctly. When people are looking for sales and see that your price is marked down, it looks like your price is marked down really well. That will help you get more sales.

   Product dimensions and weight: This is needed for FBA. If you don’t know yet, you can add this later. But you will need to know this before you can do your first inventory order and send your product to FBA.

■    Other product category-specific data: This will vary by product category.

Login to your Amazon Seller Central account, open the “Inventory” dropdown menu on the top left, and select “Add a Product”

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 Click “Create a New Product.”

Part 4 Grabbing Your Piece of Amazon Real Estate-2

To search for your product’s category, enter your main keyword, and click “Find category”

Part 4 Grabbing Your Piece of Amazon Real Estate-3

Amazon suggests several subcategories across three main categories: beauty, home and garden, and sporting goods.

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 Click on the suggestion that makes the most sense to you (in this case, the first one), and enter your “Vital Info” in the Listing Assistant.

Part 4 Grabbing Your Piece of Amazon Real Estate-5

The red asterisks indicate that the following are required fields: product name, brand name, unit count. If you have questions about what any of the fields mean, click on the field name for a pop-up window with full definition.

Enter the following Vital Info:

   Product Name (250 characters maximum): Paste your title here. You may get a

pop-up warning box for capitalization errors. It is okay to click “Ignore” if you do not wish to change anything.

   Brand Name: Paste your brand name here.

   Manufacturer: You can put the name of the company here if you want.

   Model Number: If your product has one.

Manufacturer Part Number: You probably won’t have one, but if you do you can put it here.

Package Quantity: How many come in a package? It may just be “1.”

Unit Count: This is also the number of units that come in a package, but here it is used to calculate the price per unit.

   Unit Count Type: This is a unit of measure (e.g., bottle, ounce, item) that is used to calculate the price per unit.

   Variation Theme: This indicates how your product might vary (e.g., size, color). You are starting with just one product, so leave this blank.

UPC: Here is where you put the UPC you got from ASM. You might get a “1 character left” type warning. If you do, don’t worry about it. As long as you have a valid UPC, it will go through just fine.

Click the “Next” button at the bottom right to go to the “Offer” page. Note that you can use the checkbox if you need to save this listing and add your offer later.

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Enter the following Offer information:

Seller SKU: Amazon will create this for you or you can make your own. If you make your own, you can be more descriptive with words like “fogless shower mirror” in the SKU.

Condition: Everything you sell will be new, so enter that here.

     Price: We recommend sourcing the best product and using premium pricing to compete with the top of your product’s range. In this example, there is a range of “fogless shower mirrors” available from $10-40. You want to price higher than that so your sale price can be right around $40, and people will think they’re getting a great deal. So for this example, the price is $59.99.

   Manufacturer’s Price: To show you’re offering a better price, set this at $10 more.

   Sale Price: For this example, $39.95. When you do a sale price, you must enter a start and end date for the sale. Use today’s date for the start date so it goes live right away, and make the end date something very far in the future (e.g., December of 2020).

You can add more information if you want, but FBA will handle the following for you:

   Handling Time: This is how long it takes you to ship the product after an order goes through (e.g., 1-2 days).

   Gift Options: For an extra fee, charged to customers who select this option, Amazon offers gift wrapping and/or a gift card if you select these options.

   Import Designation: Shows whether item was made in the US or imported.

Shipping Method: Allows you to choose between FBM (“I want to ship the item myself to the customer if it sells”) and FBA (“I want Amazon to ship and provide customer service for my items if they sell”). CHOOSE THE SECOND OPTION to select FBA.

When you choose the second option, an “Important Message” about FBA appears under Shipping Options. If you want to read about the FBA fees, click “learn more.”

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Click the “Next” button on the bottom right to go to the “Images” page.

Part 4 Grabbing Your Piece of Amazon Real Estate-8

Use the “Browse” button to add your main image and 9 other images. Be sure to use all 9 image options Amazon allows.

Click the “Next” button on the top right to go to the “Description” page.

Part 4 Grabbing Your Piece of Amazon Real Estate-9

Add the following information:

Key Product Features (100 characters maximum per line): This is where you highlight your product’s most important qualities and how it solves your customers’ problems.

Product Description: This is where you paste the html code you created in Lesson 11.

Click the “Next” button to go to the “Keywords” page.

Part 4 Grabbing Your Piece of Amazon Real Estate-10

Add the following information:

Search Terms: Unlike in your title, where you do not repeat different keywords, be sure to include each full keyword phrase (from your list) separated by a comma. Note that Amazon cuts you off when you max out here.

   Intended Use: Select from Amazon’s suggested uses and/or add your own terms.

   Target Audience: Select men and/or women, but do not select adults, as that category is used for adult-oriented products.

   Other Attributes: Select from Amazon’s suggested attributes and/or add your own terms.

Subject Matter: Select from Amazon’s suggested subject matter and/or add your own terms.

Platinum Merchant: Leave this blank for now, as you are just getting started.

Click the “Next” button at the bottom right to go to the “More Detail” page.

Part 4 Grabbing Your Piece of Amazon Real Estate-11

Add the following information:

   Hazardous Material: If appropriate.

   Product Dimensions: Include length, height, width, and weight. You can adjust the unit of measurement.

   Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: This is the one that you want to have the highest.

   Consumer Notice: You don’t have to worry about this.

   Shipping Weight: This is the product weight after it is all boxed up. If you are using FBA, Amazon will add this for you. If you are using FBM, this is the weight you want to use when you charge your customers for shipping.

   Color: If appropriate.

   Skin Type…Hair Type: These are for beauty-care products.

   Directions: How do consumers use your product?

   Indications: Most useful for supplements.

There are several categories of information you can add depending on the kind of product you are selling. If there is not a red asterisk, you don’t have to add it.

Be sure to add your shipping package dimensions if you do FBM. If you do FBA, Amazon will do it for you as long as you enter your product dimensions.

Click the “Save and Finish” button.

Amazon will ask you to “Send/Replenish Inventory,” and you will learn about that in a separate lesson.

Replenish InventoryHere’s an example of what your live page will look like on Amazon:

Part 4 Grabbing Your Piece of Amazon Real Estate-12



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