These are 15 highlights that I took from the Video Genesis training. Key points that stood out
for me.

1.    Buying Equipment: A lot of photo equipment is made in China. If you are buying
equipment and not needing it right away, look on the net (such as Ebay.com) because
you will get some pieces of equipment that are expensive, for very cheap. For example,
sandbags we got 4 for $25, instead of 1 for $70. This is great for things like reflectors,
sandbags, and lens cleaning kits. (

2.    Offline Editing: The more prepared you are when you have a lot of footage to edit, the
easier the online edit will be. At minimum, write down your in/out points when
capturing, this will make the editing that much easier.

3.    Get to know your hardware store: A lot of equipment that are sold in photography
stores can be found in a hardware store. Clamps, shop lights and PVC piping is a lot less
than buying from a photography store. You can also use things like “Foam Core” as a
reflector for a cheap price. Reflectors help get highlights in difficult lighting areas (such
as outside) and will make you picture look more attractive.

4.    Importance of Audio: Audio is just as, or if not more important than picture quality. You
will find if you have bad audio, your picture will not be as relevant. Not being able to
hear, or having distracting noise in the BG will take away from your message.

5.    Recording ambient room noise: Record 30 – 60 seconds of sound from the room you
are shooting in as this gives your sound mix a continuous sound throughout your video.
Record ambient sound in every location you shoot. This makes it easier to manipulate in

6.    Question Tip: When interviewing a person, get your interview subject to answer your
question in a form of a question. You do not want to hear the question, only the answer
the subject is giving.

7.    Eyeline: When you are shooting a scene, you do not want to be looking directly at the
talent (person on video) as this throws off the actor in the scene.

8.    Shot Level or Down… NOT UP: Shoot your subject at eyelevel or 3 inches above.
Shooting from below is very unflattering for people.

9.    What to look for when buying a camera:

a.    Frame size recording: ability to shoot 1080P and 720P in HD.

b.    Frame rate: shoot 24 FPS and 29.97(NTSC) FPS. Shooting 24 FOS gives you more
bandwidth when streaming. The more frames per second, the more bandwidth
you need.

c.    Make sure there is an audio input so you can use separate audio from the

d.    Manual Control capability

10.    Wireless Mics Using an IPhone: They are great but if shooting in some locations they
might now work. This is most likely not an issue for you but if shooting places like a
hospital that has a lot of electromagnetics in the environment, this will cause distortion
in you audio recording. Using a wired mic that you can hook into your iPhone will give
you the freedom of wireless. If doing this, you will need to match up audio later and so
be sure you start the recording with a clap, so you can sync the audio/picture.

11.    Audio Clean Up: Izotope speech and music cleaner is great software to clean up audio –

12.    Read and Speak: Read your sales copy out loud. Putting pauses, laughs in and your own
personality. When doing a voice over (VO) use a mic with a headset so you can get
continuous sound level. Recording VO, you can speed up your audio a little in post.

13.    http://Videohive.net: Great resource for royalty free video files.

14.    http://Audiojungle.net: Great resource for royalty free music.

15.    Make Screen Share More Engaging:

a.    When making screen recording videos, having a picture in picture of yourself
rather than just slides will make the video more engaging to the viewer.

b.    Your video should have some type of movements every 15 seconds.




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