Hiring Your First Outsourced Employee


You can find outsourcers in many places, but we are going to concentrate on just one, onlinejobs.ph. This site does require a monthly payment, but we have negotiated a special deal to get you 50% off your first month. You can always use the site for just a month and then pause your payments. If you follow the training in this lesson, you will find it very easy to find your first employee within that first month.

Note: There is an old adage when it comes to employing people, “Hire fast, fire faster.” If you hire someone who doesn’t deliver the quality of work you expect from what they’ve written on their profile and in their replies to your emails, let them go. You can’t afford to be sentimental.

Let’s go to onlinejobs.ph and get started.

1.    Go to onlinejobs.ph/asm-pricing. This brings you to a page that says “Special ASM member pricing 50% off 1st payment,” and underneath that it says “50% off the list of price will be shown during checkout” The price shown on this page is the full amount, and you will see four different options.

2.    Choose “Pro monthly.” Your payment for that first month will be $24.50. You’ll notice that “Pro quarterly” and “Pro yearly” do work out cheaper per month, but you’re only going to need this for one month at a time. In other words, we recommend you sign up for a month, find your outsourcer, pause your payments, and then if and when you want an additional outsourcer, you can come back, restart your payments, and use all the features of the site once again.

3.    Enter your full name, business email address, and a password, and click “Submit Query.”

4.    Click “Advanced Skill Search,” and select different ratings for each of the individual job skills that you are looking for. These ratings are submitted by the actual worker, and they do tend to be truthful.

5.    Click “English” and check the box marked “Writing” Your search results will only show applicants with a high rating for writing English.

6.    Click “Speaking” and select “I’m an expert” If you do a search and you don’t get enough results or you get too many, you can always come back and change one of these ratings.

7.    Scroll to the bottom and select “Employment Type” Choose part time (20 hours) or full time (40 hours) depending on the amount of work you have and how much money you’re willing to pay. Monthly salary is shown in Philippine Pesos. We recommend you start at $300-350 a month. You can do a currency conversion quickly on xe.com and see that this is about 16,000. We recommend you choose 15-20,000, because salaries are negotiable.

8.    For date, select a month or less.

9.    Don’t worry about location, ID proof score, or keyword for now. Again, if you get too many results, you can come back and select an ID proof score.

10.    Click “Search Resumes” You will get a list of results showing you all the people who meet your qualifications.

When you see an outsourcer who might work for you, open the full profile in a new tab. You will see the following information:

■    Requested salary

■    Availability (part or full time)

■    Title describing top skills

■    Location

■    Last date of activity

■    Skills summary

You can get a sense of the quality of their skills from how they write their profile. You can also look at each individual skill.

If you find someone you might want to hire, click “Bookmark.” This allows you to collect a list of people you think are good prospects so you can email them all at once. You can also bookmark outsourcers from the main screen.

If you find someone you like who seems too expensive, bookmark them anyway with a note about how much they want. It is so easy to reach out and make an offer, and you never know what amount they might be willing to accept. Plus, your email will mention future raises and benefits which can make the opportunity more attractive.

Look at their skills, make an educated decision, and allow your gut feeling to help you pick.

If you find people who could be useful to employ in the future, bookmark them too, with a note about how they might help you down the road.

Once you go through the search results and bookmark everyone you might want to contact, scroll to the top and click “My Account” On the right, under “User Menu,” you can see your “Saved Job Seekers”

To contact these people, just open them (all at once) in a new tab. The first time you contact someone, you will save that email as a template and refresh all your tabs.

Open the first outsourcer profile in a new tab. Don’t bother with getting a background check right now. Also, once you do hire someone, you can come to their profile and click “Mark as hired” For now, just click “Contact”

Fill in the subject line with some variation of “Full time job with our company” or “Saw your profile, and we are interested in employing you”

In the message, use your own wording and style to tell them what the job is, how much you’re willing to pay them, and ask whether they are interested in contacting you.

For example, you can start with “We own…” Be sure to use “we” because the outsourcers prefer to work for a real company rather than just an individual. If you haven’t got your company set up, don’t worry about it. Explain that you’re a new business, you’re just getting started, and maybe say something like “We are looking to expand and grow very quickly and we’d love to employ you” Your goal is to get them interested and make them realize this is a real thing. You’re not just someone casually offering them a job. “We own a small company selling products on Amazon and are looking for a full-time employee to carry out various tasks. We will give you full training where needed on any of these jobs, so previous experience is not essential”

Make it clear that you will train them, so they do not get scared by anything unfamiliar.

“As I mentioned, there will be various jobs for you to complete including maintaining our social media profiles on Facebook and Pinterest, researching and writing articles, as well as some daily tasks for our Amazon account. We require someone to work 40 hours per week. The starting salary will be $350 every month, and for the first 6 months, we will increase your salary by $25 a month, at which point, we can discuss future raises and benefits”

Tell them you will pay $350 a month, which is a good starting salary on this site, and that every month you will give them a pay raise. It could be $10-25 a month, which after 6 months is another $150 a month ($500 per month total). If you have someone who’s still with you after 6 months, it means they’re delivering. It means they’re really, really good at their job. Paying someone who’s doing a really good job for you just $500 a month for a 40-hour week is a no-brainer.

“If you are interested, please reply and let us know, and we can go from there. Look forward to hearing from you and working with you soon, Rich Anderson” Put your company name underneath, if you have one.

Check the box marked “Save email template to my account after sending,” and click “Send Email.” After that, whenever you want to contact someone, just click on the template dropdown and change the name.

When someone replies, you will receive that reply inside onlinejobs.ph and also get an email notification.

Here’s a sample reply email to give you an idea of what to expect:

“Thank you sir, I can start whenever you want and I need your training for me to get better and serve you well. We can chat via Skype. My Skype ID is … “

This is very straightforward and simple, and you might think he’s not telling me a lot, but it’s still a response.

Wait until you’ve got a lot of responses, and then start working your way through them to see how much they told you and the quality of their English. You can also click “Send By Profile” to open the full profile of your favorites. Make sure they’ve got the skill set you want, and remember that they can write English well. You can teach them everything else.

Look for anything extra that they can do that might be useful for your business, like editing videos. Then, when you’re ready to employ someone, contact them again and say “Thank you so much. You’ve been successful. We would like to offer you position,” and give them a start date.

If you have a lot of really good candidates that you like, you can create a short list and send them an email saying:

“Congratulations, you have made the shortlist. To make our final decision, we would like to see an example of your work.” You can either: a) ask them to show you their blog or a sample article they’ve written, or b) give them a short article to write (e.g., “please write me a 300 word article about silicon spatulas”). Just know that if you ask them to do something extra, they might not respond again.

When you offer someone a job and they accept, they will start working for you, but you’re not tied to them in a contract for a year or anything like that. You can fire them if they don’t deliver on what they say they can deliver.

It’s very important, when you hire someone, to tell them when you want them to start and ask if that is possible for them. You don’t want to lose a good worker by saying something like “Can you start on the first of July?” and have them think “I can start on the 14th of July, so I’m going to have to turn the job down” Tell them when you want them to start, but let them know it is possible to start a bit later if they wish.

You also need to establish how are you going to pay them. I’ve paid every worker I’ve ever hired in the Philippines via Paypal. It’s the easiest way. They may ask for other options, and there are other options. If you’re happy to do that and you think the person is worth it, then go ahead.

Finally, you may want to suggest paying them every other week at least for the first couple of months. In other words, if they start on the first of July, you pay them half of their monthly salary on the 15th and the remainder on the 30th, then do the same the following month.

It’s normal for them to ask for this as well. Put yourselves in their shoes. If someone in America offered you a job and you were in the Philippines, how secure would you feel doing 30 days worth of work without receiving any money? It’s not like they’re working in your office.


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