How do Kindle Cover Creation for Kindle ebooks?


Kindle Cover Creation


The purpose of this lesson is to discuss a few more specifics regarding the creation of a Kindle book cover. It will cover such details as creation, sizing, etc.

Help and Specifications

Help Resource

A good resource for learning the specifics for creating your cover can be found on the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) site. You can either:

•    Go to, then select “Formatting Your Book > Creating a Catalog/Cover Image”

•    Go directly here:


There are a number of specifics from the KDP help that can be highlighted:

File type – this can be either a JPEG or TIFF file. In most instances it will probably be JPEG (or JPG, which is essentially the same). KDP doesn’t accept layered files.

Dimensions – a few dimension criteria are required to be adhered to:

•    Image must be at least 500 x 800 pixels.

•    A maximum of 2000 pixels on the longest side is preferred.

•    Ideal height/width ratio is 1.6, e.g. 1600px high x 1000px wide.

TIP: a good size to use is 642px wide x 945px high. This is not a ‘magic’ size but is a good “center of the road” one. As long as it is rectangular in shape, appears as a book, and meets the min/max requirement, your covers should look fine.

•    Add a border to white cover – if your cover is white or light-colored, adding a border keeps it from disappearing into the background. A recommended border is 3-4px in medium gray.

Creating Your Cover

You have a couple of options for creating your cover – do it yourself or outsource it.

Do It Yourself

If you choose to do it yourself, you can do basic covers (e.g. “Running SUCKS!”) fairly easy. If you have access to Photoshop and know how to use it, that can be one resource. Just about any graphics program should work. One such program is called “Gimp”, a legally free open-source graphics program.

Note: if you want to put images in your cover, don’t just grab free images from Google images because you are putting these on something with your name on it and you may not have the necessary permissions. Try an images repository or something, such as

Images come in different sizes with the smallest one usually being good enough.

Outsource It

A very easy way to get the image created is to outsource it. A great resource for this is where, for just $5.00, you can have someone create the image for you. You could go with something fancier than Fiverr (e.g. Elance, Odesk, etc.) but you would be paying way too high for covers for books you’re selling for real cheap (e.g. $0.99).

Follow these steps to have this done:

1.    Visit

2.    Search on “kindle cover”

3.    Sort results by rating to show the best rated outsourcer at the top

4.    Indicate what you want

Note: make sure the image is a flat image as some outsourcers can do 3D images. 3D images don’t view well on Amazon, don’t look professional and don’t make it seem like you’re selling a book.


Whether doing it yourself or outsourcing it, now you know how quick and easy it is to create covers for your Kindle books.


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