How to Generate Your End of the Year Tax Report Forms From Amazon


At the end of the year, Amazon will send you a 1099 tax form so you can report your taxes correctly in your home country. You can also get a more detailed report with refunds, transaction fees, storage fees, and other tax deductible expenses.

To get your 1099:

Inside your seller central account, hover over “Reports” and select “Tax Document Library”

To download and print the PDF, you will need to enter the password displayed at the top of your screen.

To get your expense report:

Inside your seller central account, hover over “Reports” and select “Payments” This brings you to the payments page which shows any money you have scheduled to be transferred.

Click “Date Range Reports” and select “Generate a Report. You don’t need all the transactions, just the summary, so create a custom summarized report using the dates for the entire tax year.

It could take about five minutes to generate the report. Once it is available, click “Download,” and save this form for your tax documents. When you open the downloaded PDF, you will see account activity for the whole year, including income totals, expenses, sales tax paid, and transfers to your bank account.

Your 1099 will show the amount of money that Amazon reports as having been paid to you, but your taxable income can vary significantly once you adjust for expenses.


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