How to Remove Almost All Negative Seller Feedback

The purpose of this lesson is quite simple – to explain a bit about seller feedback and to show
you a trick that will get 99% of your negative Seller Feedback removed from Amazon.
Removing Negative Seller Feedback
Seller feedback is intended to provide customers with an opportunity to provide feedback on
the seller, NOT on products sold by the seller. However, customers sometimes use it to provide feedback on the product, resulting in a lower seller rating if the feedback is negative.
To ensure you’re getting the proper feedback, you can review your seller feedback by going to your Seller Central account, selecting Performance, and then Feedback. As mentioned, what you should expect to find here is feedback about the seller (that’s you!), not the product͘
When reviewing the feedback, you want to look for ratings of 3 or below as these are the ones that help bring your seller rating down. You may even want to look at 4 and below because if you want a 5-star rating, then even a 4 will drag your rating down.
So again, what you want to be looking for is feedback about the seller. If the negative feedback is about the product, that feedback is not supposed to be in the Seller feedback and Amazon will actually remove it for you. To have that wrong feedback removed, perform the following:
1. Find feedback with a negative rating (3, maybe 4, below)
2. Copy the Order ID
3. Click “Contact Seller Support” link found at the bottom of the page
4. Go to “Orders” >> “Customer feedback problems”
5. In field “Or, ask your question here:”, enter “Problem with customer feedback” or
6. Paste the copied order ID into the “Order ID” field and click “Check”͘
7. Clicking “Check” shows the feedback and provides other information fields you can
select and enter information into:
8. In the “What portion of this feedback qualifies for removal?” field, enter “All”
9. In the “Additional Information” field, enter something like “This is product feedback, not
seller feedback. Please remove it. Thank you.”
10. Click “Send message”

Once you’ve completed these steps, give Amazon a day or two to respond. If your request gets rejected and they say they don’t want to remove it, just submit it again because you’ll most likely get a different Amazon rep reviewing your request, one that may go ahead and remove the feedback.

Note: Do this whenever you get any sort of negative feedback and this will help you keep a higher feedback rating than any of your competitors.


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