How to Set Up a Coupon Code


To set up a promotional code in your Amazon Seller Central account, log into your Amazon Seller Central account, open the “Advertising” menu in the navigation bar, and click on “Promotions.”

Some accounts will show a new feature on Amazon called, “Create a Deal” with the option to create a “Savings and Sales Deal.” Other accounts do not have this feature yet. If yours is one of those, you might only see the “Create a Promotion” feature showing the following four options: free shipping, money off, buy one get one free, and external benefits.

create promotion

In this lesson, we are going to create a “Money Off” promotion, but first here’s an overview of the other options available:

   Free shipping. If you do fulfillment by merchant (FBM), you can create a coupon code so your customers do not have to pay for shipping. This is not applicable under fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

   Buy one get one free. You may want to use this kind of coupon code during the holidays to allow customers to buy one product and get a second one for free.

   External benefits. If you want to give customers a free gift (such as an eBook) when they purchase your product, you can create a coupon code and have it delivered directly from Amazon.

The “money off” coupon code allows you to give customers a dollar amount or percentage amount savings when they buy your product.

To do this, click the “Create” button under “Money Off” and complete the following steps:

Step 1: Conditions

1.    Leave “Buyer purchases” on the default setting of “At least a minimum of 1.”

2.    For “Purchased items,” click “Create a new product selection” on the right. This opens the “Create Product Selection” page.

a.    Click the “Product Selection Type” button, select “ASIN List,” and click the yellow “Create Product Selection” button.

b.    Enter the following information:

   Product Selection Name/Tracking ID. Enter your main keyword here.

   Internal Description. Copy and paste your product listing description here.

   ASIN List. Copy and paste your ASIN number from the inventory list in your seller central dashboard.

c.    Click “Submit” at the bottom to return to the promotion page.

3.    For “Purchased items” open the “Select one” dropdown menu, and select the product you just added.

4.    For “Buyer gets” open the dropdown menu, choose either “Amount off” or “Percent off,” and enter the appropriate amount in the box to the right. For example if your product costs $39.95, and you want to give it away for $1.00 in exchange for reviews, you can set “Amount off” to $38.95 and generate that discount code.

5.    Leave “Applies to” on the default setting of “Purchased items.”

The “Advanced Options” menu allows you to tier discounts so customer save more money when they buy more of your product. This works well during holiday shopping times.

Step 2: Scheduling

1.    Check the start date/time and the end date/time. Note that Amazon takes about five hours to process promotional campaigns, so the start time will reflect that.

2.    Add an internal description for your personal reference so you remember what this is when you manage your promotions in the dashboard (e.g., “fogless shower mirror, $38.95 off”).

3.    Leave the Amazon-generated tracking ID, which includes the date and time you created the campaign.

Step 3: Additional Options

Mistakes in this section can cause you to give away a lot more of your product than you mean to, so pay close attention.

1.    Leave “Claim code” checked. If you click “Claim code” you will see more information and some details about your claim code.

2.    Leave “One redemption per customer” checked. If this is unchecked, customers can use this code multiple times.

3.    Edit the claim code or use the one Amazon generates for you. Be sure to make a note of this code, along with the start and end times, for future reference.

4.    Leave “Claim Code Combinability” set to “Exclusive.”

5. Click “Customize messaging,” and enter the following information:

a.    For “Checkout display text,” you can leave the default “Promotion applied,” or change this to say something else that lets the customer know when the deal goes through.

b.    Leave “Short display text” blank, because we will not show this deal publicly.

c.    Leave the “Detail page display text” box unchecked for the same reason. If you were to display this offer to the public, customers could wipe out your inventory at $1.00 per item without leaving you any reviews. Not good.

d.    Click the “Review” button at the bottom. This brings you to the “Review Promotion” page where you can check all the details.

Your promotion will appear (after the scheduled start time) under “Manage Promotions” on the “Promotions” page under the “Advertising” dropdown menu.


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