Input Content into Book Document & Adding Additional Information


Inputting Your Articles Into Your Book

Day 4, Step 1

Time to Completion: 30 minutes

By now, your TextBroker articles should be ready. So, login to your TextBroker account, look at
your articles, and save them to your computer.

If needed, feel free to review the articles. Remember, our goal is getting a Kindle book up as fast
as possible. Therefore, unless there are glaring errors in an article, accept it and move on. You
can worry about perfection later on.

Open your book template file you created in the previous step and get ready to paste in your
articles as your chapters.

IMPORTANT: When pasting in your articles, MAKE SURE to paste without formatting. In
Microsoft Word, this is under the Edit > Paste Special menu. You want to eliminate any
formatting errors that often occur when pasting from one document to another.

After you’ve pasted in each chapter, it’s time to review the content for grammatical, spelling,
and logic errors. Go through each article quickly and make sure there aren’t any major errors
and save your document as you progress.

In the future, you can hire an editor from or for $10-15 an hour to do
this type of work. But, for now, just go through it yourself to save money and time.

Introduction, Conclusion, and Additional Content

Day 4, Step 2

Time to Completion: 30 minutes maximum

Congratulations, the majority of your book is ready to go. You just need to add a few more items
to complete the content portion of the project and then it’s time for publishing.


In the previous editing step, you had the chance to look over the articles. Additionally, when you
first started this project a few days ago, you did research by looking at popular books that are
already selling well on Amazon Kindle.

Those two steps have given you enough information to write a 2-4 paragraph introduction for
your book that immediately grabs the reader’s attention and tells him or her what the book is
going to cover.

If needed, look back over your articles, but go ahead and write your book’s introduction. Most
importantly, the introduction needs to tell the reader what the book is going to cover. It is like
an expanded table of contents for your book.


Next, write a 1-2 paragraph conclusion at the end of your book. This isn’t included in the outline
or table of contents because it doesn’t need to be its own chapter. Just tack on a paragraph or
two that summarizes your book (telling people what you just covered).

Additional Information

People love stories. A core component of a good book is good stories related to the topic.

So, if you or someone you know has a good story related to the topic you are covering, include it
in the appropriate chapter of your book.

But, remember, this step is allotted a maximum of 30 minutes. Make sure that you’re able to
include the story in that time frame. If you have to track down, call up, schedule an appointment
with, or go visit a long-lost relative to get a story, skip it. Save that story for a later Kindle book.

If you’re able to get a good, relevant story quickly, include it in your book and your readers will
love you for it.


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