KDP Select & Authority Boost


 The purpose of this lesson is to do a basic pre-launch strategy for your Kindle book using the
KDP Select program and an “authority boost”.

KDP Select is a relatively new program Amazon now offers that allows you to offer your Kindle
book for free for up to 5 days in a 90-day period.

You might wonder, “Why would I want to give my book away for FREE?”

Why KDP Select Matters

When you offer your book for free using KDP Select (run a KDP Select promotion) for a limited
number of days (1 day, for example), your book gets a TON of downloads.

While you don’t get paid for those downloads, you do get two benefits:

1.    If you’re capturing leads, more downloads = more leads

2.    Your book will BOOST up in rankings when the free period is over (after 1 day using the
1-day promotion example)

This second benefit is why you’ll be using KDP Select for 1 day in this program.

Scheduling Your KDP Select Promotion

1.    Login to your kdp.amazon.com account

2.    Click your book’s title (has to be published)

3.    Click the Promotions Manager link (in the KDP Select box above the rest of your book’s

4.    Click the button to add a new promotion

5.    Title the promotion whatever you want (it is only for your own recordkeeping; I usually
title the first one “launch day”)

6.    Choose the date you want the promotion to start (read through the next part of this
document before choosing that)

7.    Choose the date you want the promotion to end. For a one day promotion, the start
date and end date will be the same

8.    Save the promotion and that’s it

9.    Note: You do NOT have to re-publish your book. KDP Select is handled separately from
your book publishing and the steps you just did are all you need to do to schedule a KDP
Select promotion.

Pre-KDP Select Authority Boost

Even with free books, people want to see social proof before they download.

The best forms of social proof for Amazon Kindle books are: (1) reviews and (2) likes.

So, BEFORE your KDP Select promotion period begins, you need to get a minimum of 3 reviews
and 3 likes for your Amazon Kindle book.

Importance of Reviews

The quantity and quality (star rating) of reviews are critical to the success of a Kindle book (or
any product on Amazon).

When Amazon customers are browsing through Kindle book listings, a big factor in what books
they download, or even look at, is the number of reviews and the star rating.

So, you need to make sure you have a minimum of 3 GOOD (5-star) reviews on your Kindle book
BEFORE your KDP Select period begins.

Why 3 reviews? If you look at an Amazon product page for a product with 4+ reviews and scroll
down to the reviews section, you’ll see that only 3 reviews are shown on the page. All the rest of
the reviews will appear in the right-hand column.

So, the top three reviews are what matter the most. At a minimum, you want the page filled up
with reviews, which requires a total of 3.

Importance of Likes

While likes aren’t visible from category pages and search results pages, they do show up at the
top of Amazon product pages.

Likes on Amazon come from users simply clicking the ‘like’ button at the top of Amazon pages.

When a customer visits a page and sees that a product has many likes, then that adds to the
social proof that the product/book is worth checking out.

How to Get 3 Reviews & Likes for the Authority Boost

Anybody who’s bought ANY product on Amazon greater than 48 hours ago can write reviews for
and ‘like’ ANY product they want on Amazon (even if they didn’t buy that specific product).

But, there is one additional benefit of having actually bought the product when it comes to
writing reviews: For purchasers of a product that write reviews, there is an additional line that
says “Amazon Verified Purchase”. This additional line provides additional social proof and
validity to the reviews.

So, for your 3 reviews and 3 likes, you’ll want to get “Amazon Verified Purchases”.

You just need 3 different Amazon customer accounts to buy your Kindle book, write a review of

it, and ‘like’ it. That’s it.

Now, with Kindle books, an Amazon customer doesn’t have to have a Kindle and doesn’t even
have to download the Kindle for PC software to buy Kindle books. All someone needs to do is
choose to buy & read the book in the Kindle Cloud Reader, the web-based Kindle reading tool by

Getting Your 3 Reviews and Likes for the Pre-KDP Select Authority Boost

1.    Round up 3 different Amazon accounts (yours/your

friend/sister/brother/dad/mother/grandma/Facebook friend OR you can simply create a
new Amazon account yourself with a different email address)

2.    Have those three accounts buy your book (you can use an Amazon gift card or prepaid
credit card if needed)

3.    Have those accounts write good reviews

4.    Have those accounts ‘like’ your book on Amazon (just click the ‘like’ button)

That’s it !

Now your book is primed and ready for the KDP Select promotion period.


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