Pricing Your Kindle Books for Maximum Results

Purpose As the title suggests, in this lesson you will learn about pricing your Kindle books for maximum results. The reason it isn't titled "......

Use Author Central,Example Profiles

Purpose The purpose of this lesson is to take a close look at Author Central (AC), where you can create and build author profiles to...

Outsourcing Your Amazon Kindle Business

Purpose The purpose of this lesson is to discuss the why and how of outsourcing your Amazon Kindle business. Why Outsource Your Amazon Kindle Business? As with...

KDP Select & Authority Boost

 The purpose of this lesson is to do a basic pre-launch strategy for your Kindle book using the KDP Select program and an "authority boost". KDP...

Publishing Your First Kindle Book

Purpose The purpose of this lesson is to walk you through the steps of publishing your first Kindle book. It assumes you have a "Kindle Direct...

Create Your Publishing-Ready Kindle Book File

Day 5, Step 1 Time to Completion: 15 minutes maximum To guarantee that your reader's have a great experience with your book and that you don't...
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