Leveraging Top Amazon Reviewers


Amazon top reviewers usually write very thorough, unbiased reviews. We recommend you send them a sample of your product and ask them to write a review for you.

Check out the top reviewer profiles to learn about the different reviewers, read their past reviews, and find their contact email. You want to develop a relationship with these people, so you can work with them whenever you get a new product up and running.

Search Google for “Amazon top reviewers” and click the first link. This brings you to the page where Amazon ranks the top 10,000 customer reviewers. You will see a picture of each reviewer with a link to the full profile. Inside, you can see where the reviewer is from, their total number of reviews, how many people have voted their reviews as helpful, and much more. Most reviewers also provide their email address.

Because the top 100 are frequently approached to write reviews, you might want to look beyond the first few pages. We recommend you focus on reviewers inside the top 500 with a 90% “helpful” ranking or better. Go into their profile and see if you can find something about them that can serve as a point of connection to start an email conversation. Remember, you want to nurture a relationship.

You can browse the Hall of Fame to find different reviewers who have achieved different ranks on Amazon.

You can also search Google for reviewers in a specific market. For example, to search Amazon for a top 500 reviewer in the silicon spatula market, use the following phrase:

site: Amazon.com “silicon spatula” “top 500 reviewer”

Scan the search results to find an entry that has the name of a specific reviewer, and select that link. It will bring you to an Amazon product listing. Scroll down to the reviews, and look for reviewers in the top 1000 and up (top 500 is even better). Click the reviewer’s name to go to their profile, and see what their “helpful” ranking is (90% and up is best). You can also see how many stars the reviewer gave in their previous product reviews (3 out of 5 stars might be too negative).

When you find a reviewer you’d like to contact, use the email template provided in this lesson to introduce yourself and ask for their help.

Be sure to include the following:

■    Hello, [their name].

■    My name is [your name], and I found your name and contact information on Amazon as being one of the top Amazon Product Reviewers.

■    I was inspired by your profile that [something personal about them that you read in their profile].

■    I just started my own business on Amazon selling my own brand called [your brand name] and our first product is a [product].

■    Link to your product listing.

■    I would love to send you a free [product] in exchange for your unbiased product review.

■    If you would be interested in doing this for us, I would greatly appreciate it.

■    If this works for you, please email me your shipping address, and I will have this fulfilled through Amazon right away.

■    Thank you for your time. I look forward to your response.

These people get tons of requests for their review. You want to make it free and easy for them to say yes to you. Don’t worry about getting a verified purchase in this case. These people know to start their review by saying they received a promotional item, and Amazon values top reviewers even if they do not make a verified purchase.


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