Niche Research Part 1 of 3: Categories to Avoid



This is the first of three niche research lessons for Module 1. This one is all about categories to avoid selling products on Amazon.

Keys to Fast Results

Trust the System

Obviously we know what we are doing. We have done extremely well with our own businesses and we’ve taught other people who have also done extremely well.

We know what we’re doing on Amazon, so trust the system. Don’t question everything we do. Don’t wonder if it makes sense or if it’s the right thing to do. It’s always good to evaluate what you’re learning and determine if it’s the best thing for you, but trust us, we know exactly what we’re doing. We know how to get you results. This is a proven system and there are massive opportunities, so trust the system.

Don’t Waste Time

Don’t waste time with opportunities that “may” work. I’m going to show you some categories that you don’t really want to waste your time on. Don’t waste your time thinking, “Oh, I could probably make that work for me” or “I’ve heard of someone doing really well with this”. We know what we’re doing, so don’t waste time with opportunities that “may” work. That’s a recipe for failure and it’s going to really inhibit your growth and success with this program.

What Not to Sell

There are thousands of products to sell, but there are some very key products NOT to sell. Whether you already have an existing business selling these or you’re just thinking about something to sell, you want to highly consider finding a different product to sell than these ones.

Avoid These Categories for Fast & Easy Profits

(These are actually Amazon categories.)

• Kindle ebooks – I’ve taught people how to sell ebooks. I’ve sold a lot of ebooks myself, but the volume on Kindle pales in comparison in terms of profit to what’s possible with physical products. With Kindle ebooks, the number of books making $10,000 a month or more in royalties on Kindle is less than a hundred. It’s probably less than 20. With physical products, there are thousands and thousands making $10,000 of profit each and every month. The profit potential on physical products is just so much bigger than Kindle ebooks.

   Books – The whole thing with books is people don’t write books to make money. Some people do and some people do okay, but if you want fast, easy results do not sell books. Focus on the physical products side that we’re going more into in Module 2


   Software – A lot of people ask, “Can I sell this software package?” Maybe, but is that the best thing for this? No, not whatsoever. Focus on real physical products. Those are the biggest opportunities on Amazon.

   Magazines – Another one that not a lot of people will have thought of, but it’s another big one to avoid on Amazon.

   Apps – There may be some great opportunities for selling apps outside of or on Amazon, but that’s not what you want to focus on for this business model.

“Restricted” Categories

In addition to the above categories, there are certain categories on Amazon that require extra approval to sell in. We have some very successful Amazing Selling Machine members selling in these exact categories, but we recommend, at least for your first product, to avoid these categories so you can start selling quickly with minimal hassle.

•    Automotive & Powersports

•    Clothing, Accessories & Luggage

•    Collectible Books

•    Entertainment Collectibles

•    Gift Cards

•    Industrial & Scientific

•    Jewelry

•    Shoes, Handbags & Sunglasses

•    Sports Collectibles

•    Toys & Games (holiday approval products only)

•    Watches

What to Sell

For this business model you want to be selling real physical products because that’s where you’ll find the easiest success, the fastest success and that’s where you find the greatest scalability.


Another thing to think about is you don’t want to be selling other people’s products, although that sort of goes with the game. You don’t want to be out there selling other people’s dropship products or any of that kind of stuff. Most of what we teach you will work for that, but is that the best thing to use it on if you want to build massive profits?

NO, not at all !

Sell your own brand. Sell your own physical products and you will see the massive results that will start coming to you.


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