Outsourcing Your Amazon Kindle Business


The purpose of this lesson is to discuss the why and how of outsourcing your Amazon Kindle business.

Why Outsource Your Amazon Kindle Business?

As with any business, there are a lot of tasks that need to be completed but not all need to be completed by the boss (you). Outsourcing is a viable option for several of the tasks that are performed as part of your Amazon Kindle Business.

Several tasks that can be outsourced are the mundane ones. Such tasks are not the best use of your time. These kinds of tasks – uploading books, creating covers (especially if you’re not a graphic designer), etc. – may be better managed by assigning them to an outsourcer.

A good motivation for outsourcing is how cheaply these mundane tasks can be outsourced. Using sites like Elance.com, oDesk.com or Fiverr.com, you can find outsourcers for just about any of these tasks. You can use a variety of outsourcing services, but be aware that different services provide different levels of quality. For example, if you want a high quality cover for your book, you may find Elance a better option over Fiverr (not necessarily, but possibly).

Finally, a very good reason to outsource is that it frees you up to focus on growing your business, finding more books to write, and working on marketing strategies (which is important with Kindle and is changing all the time).

What to Outsource

As to what tasks you might consider for outsourcing, here is a list of some that would be good:

•    Research and information – once you have decided on a book you want to write or a market you want to go into, you can assign an outsourcer to research the topics and gather information to go in your book. At $3.00 to $6.00 per hour, this is a good task to outsource.

•    Transcribing material – if you have audio or video recordings that you found or created yourself, you can use an outsourcing service like Elance.com/oDesk.com to transcribe the material for your book. Another good resource is verbalink.com, which is dedicated solely to transcribing audio files.

•    Rewriting/editing – for this task, it is recommended you use someone from the country of the market you are going to sell your product to. This ensures that nuances, etc., which are part of the language of that market, will be known by the individual who is rewriting/editing. It may cost a bit more than what you normally pay for someone to do research and such, but it is important as quality does matter to Kindle and going with cheaper outsourcers may not produce the level of quality you want.

•    Creating Kindle covers – for this task, Fiverr.com is a good resource or, if you are needing a little higher quality, you may want to use Elance.com.

•    Uploading Kindle books to KDP – once you have your product description, cover, title, author name, etc., an outsourcer can easily upload the books for you.

•    Run KDP Select promotions – running a KDP Select promotion is part of a marketing strategy and not something you want an outsourcer to decide on, but once you do make a decision to run such a promotion, you can leave the manual task of running the promotion to an outsourcer.

•    Changing pricing/covers/etc. – these are simple tasks but can be time-consuming, so using an outsourcer is a good time management option.

What NOT to Outsource

As this is your business, you want to be the one handling those tasks that help grow your business, etc., so here are some tasks you would not want to outsource:

•    Choosing what books to write – this is very important and really determines how much money you make through Kindle and how successful you will be, so you definitely do not want someone else handling this. You decide what books to write, what niches to go into and what strategies you will execute to market/sell those books.

•    Writing book descriptions – book descriptions are very important as well as they are much like writing sales copy, so you probably don’t want someone else handling this.

•    Choosing pricing – as this is part of your overall strategy, you want to be personally involved with this rather than assigning it to someone else who may not have the same vested interest in the outcome as you.

•    Book marketing strategies – as with pricing, you want to personally handle this because your expertise is needed for determining what books are linked to what products, what promotions are to be run, etc.


Your Amazon Kindle business is just that – yours. Therefore, you want to manage your time and resources well enough to help you grow your business. By taking into consideration what to and what not to outsource, you can create for yourself the perfect environment for great success with YOUR Amazon Kindle business.


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