Payoneer Signup


1.    Go to

2.    Click On “Signup” Under Individual

9e. Signing Up for Payoneer-23. Click On Start here and fill out all the boxes



4. Click On Step 2 and fill out all the boxes

5. Click On Step 3 and fill out all the boxes


Check the 3 boxes at the bottom and click on “Finish”

9e. Signing Up for Payoneer-7

7. It can take up to 72hrs to get approval (mine took about 12hrs)

US Payments Approval

1.    Wait until you have received your account approval email

2.    Then Send an email to:

3. Use subject line: “US Payments Approval Request”

4. For the body put: “I would like to apply for US Payments Approval”

Once sent you will receive an email with questions they want you to answer

Tips On Filling Out The Questions

Payoneer are not trying to give you the 3rd degree with these questions. Essentially all they want really is to know where the money you are going to be deposited is coming from.

They are perfectly happy for you to apply for this with a brand new Amazon Seller account with no products in it yet, and we tested this to make sure. However you can also use information from an existing, Shareasale, ClickBank and many more accounts but as they are happy with a new Amazon Seller account I would recommend just using that.

Here are the Questions You Will Need To Answer and Some Tips

1.    What services or products do you offer (include website URLs if applicable)?

Answer >> Explain that you have just started an Amazon seller account and plan to be selling your products on Amazon only and not via any website.

2.    Please provide us with direct web links showing some examples of your products, services and other online activity. Please make sure the links include mention of your name or shows your relation to the product/service.

Answer >> Explain that you have not actually listed your products on Amazon yet but have ordered inventory or are getting ready to order inventory from your supplier. Then find an product on Amazon, and copy the url. Then put the url in your reply and say that you will be selling a product similar to this one but that it will be your own product.

3.    Please send us a screenshot of your online account with the company you wish to receive payments from (e.g.: PayPal, Amazon, Skrill, etc.). The screenshot should include your name and account balance.

Answer >> If you are using your new Amazon Seller account then again explain that it is a brand new account and add the screenshot of you seller account info page as an attachment

4.    Please provide a copy of a government-issued photo ID. You can send your driver’s license, passport or national ID. If your ID is in a different language than English, we prefer an international passport. You can scan/take a photograph of your ID and attach

it to your reply to this e-mail. Please send both sides of the document where relevant. We prefer jpeg format under 1MB. Note: If you have already provided us with your ID copy, please skip this requirement.

Answer >> Straight forward. Add a copy/photo of you passport as an attachment

At this point you can add a couple of short paragraphs about your IM experience if you have any and that you have just started a course on selling physical products via Amazon.

If you have any questions please do ask in the forum and we will help. We intentionally gave tips rather than an exact copy of the application I used to avoid them getting loads of applications that were basically the same.


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