Posting Your Writing Job to TextBroker


Day 2, Step 5

Time to Completion: 20 minutes

At this point, most people would advise that you go over to,, or to hire a writer and then spend the next two to five weeks going back and forth until
you finally have your content written.

Personally, that’s way to slow for me. You’re about to learn how you can get ANY amount of
content (from 1 to 200+ pages) written in 48 hours or less.

*Note: If you want to write your own content, you are free to do so. You can use existing
content (blog posts, ebooks, etc.) as well if you have those. This method, however, is the fastest
way to get content written. It will cost about $55 to have your 5 chapters written, but is
recommended for the 7-Day program.

Using TextBroker to Crowd-Source Your Kindle Book

First, go to this page and fill out the information to setup an account:

*Note: I don’t get anything for recommending TextBroker to you (they don’t even have an
affiliate program -1 looked). But, I recommend it because it’s fast and reliable. It’s not
necessarily the cheapest, but it’s what I use for this type of work.

Second, click “Assignments” and then “New Order”.

Under “OpenOrder”, click “place order”.

The Place a New OpenOrder Screen:

•    Project: create a new project and name it whatever you want

•    Category: choose the most closely related to your topic

•    Quality level: CHOOSE QUALITY LEVEL 4 (very important)

•    Processing time: 1 day

•    Word count: 450-500

•    SEO Options: OFF

Below those options click on the Bulk Input tab. In this box, you’ll enter your chapter titles, one
per line. This tells TextBroker that you want one article written for each of those topics.

In the order description box, simply copy and paste this:

I want one well researched, grammatically correct, and informative article about the specific

topic provided. Please use the EXACT title and topic provided for your article. Please make sure
all information is gathered from credible and reliable sources. Do not worry about keywords or
SEO. Just write an informative article, free of grammatical and spelling errors. Thank you!

Lastly, click “calculate order” and place your order.

Within 1-2 days you’ll receive all of your articles via TextBroker. You can review them if needed
and when ready, mark those orders as complete and copy/paste the content for use in your
Kindle book.


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