Preparing for Frustration-Free Packaging for the Future


It is very important to protect your brand, because Amazon product listings can be edited by almost anyone. If you do not protect your brand, other Amazon sellers can modify your listings. They can claim some form of ownership of your product brand, trade name, and company name. They can even list their products on your listing to undercut your sales.

Potential hijackers cannot do this if you have frustration-free packaging (FFP). This is a special category Amazon uses for packaging that is protective, easy to open, and recyclable. In order to list against your FFP product, another seller would have to go through all the steps to apply for FFP. They would need to have your exact product in your exact brand packaging, which they do not.

Here’s how to get your packaging approved as FFP:

1.    Get approved for Amazon brand registry.

2.    Design packaging that meets the FFP requirements.

https:/ Guidelines.pdf

3.    Submit your item for FFP product review. https:/

4.    Send in two (2) pictures of your product in FFP packaging:

a.    Open package showing how your product is placed in the FFP packaging.

b.    Closed, sealed product ready for FFP shipping.

5.    Send a sample of your FFP packaging directly to Amazon as requested. Make sure you meet all FBA requirements, because they want to see exactly what your packaging looks like when it ships to customers. You can request to have the sample sent back to you or destroyed after they are done.

6.    Set up a new FFP ASIN product listing after Amazon approves your sample.

The first product listing you put on Amazon did not have the FFP requirements. In order to make the switch, Amazon will ask you to make a new ASIN listing for the FFP product you just made.

This does mean starting at the beginning with a new ASIN, but don’t worry.

You can create a parent-child relationship that allows you to carry over your reviews. This will be a little different for each category of product, and Amazon seller support will walk you through step by step. Just contact them and say: “I would like to set up a parent-child relationship that brings together my old listing and my new FFP listing so my reviews carry over from the old product listing.”

Your first time, this whole process usually takes 2-3 weeks. Once you are FFP approved, you will be able to set up new product listings with FFP right from the beginning. Just ask the supplier of your future products to send the first order with FFP packaging. You’ll get faster Amazon approval because you have already established communication with an FFP officer.


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