Preparing Your Book Document


Day 3, Step 2

Time to Completion: 10 minutes maximum

Creating a properly formatted Kindle book from scratch is still no easy task. As big as Amazon is
and as large as the Kindle marketplace is, Amazon has still not made formatting a Kindle book a
simple and straightforward process.

So, I’ve created a pre-formatted Kindle book document template for Microsoft Word and
OpenOffice. Save the template for whichever program you are going to use to your computer
and get ready to plug in your book’s information.

After telling you how cumbersome the formatting process is for Kindle, it should go without
saying that you need to be VERY careful about making any formatting changes to the Kindle
book template file. Just plug in your book’s information and nothing more if you want to
guarantee your book comes out looking right on the variety of Kindle devices. The risk of NOT
formatting your book properly is that you’ll get bad reviews because people are unhappy with
their reading experience.

What to Change in the Book Template File Now

Since you are waiting for the articles from TextBroker, you obviously cannot plug in the majority
of your book’s content. But, to save time later, you will be replacing the placeholder values with
your book’s values for the following items:

1.    Title page:

a.    Title

b.    Sub-title

c.    Author name

2.    Chapter pages:

a.    Chapter 1 title

b.    Chapter 2 title

c.    Chapter 3 title

d.    Chapter 4 title

e.    Chapter 5 title

Once you’ve made those substitutions, save your book file (rename it so you can easily find it


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