My Private Label Product ‘Tool-Kit’


See the exact same tools of the trade that I personally use to develop new private label products..

The Proven Private Label course provides you with all the fundamental information you’ll need to kick start your private label product empire.

In this short cheat sheet you’ll also see the tools of the trade that I personally use to develop new packaging and products for private label.

You don’t need to use these tools although I wouldn’t want you to feel like I’m not showing you every detailed step, so here’s the exact toolkit I use..

Tool #1 – Firstly the MOST important tool in my private label tool kit is the common steel rule.

common steel rule.

Yes its a simple ruler but you’re likely to find one of these in every good designer and packaging development workers desk draw..

You can use it to measure packaging specifications, printed proofs from your designer and manufacturer, mark out barcode placements on packaging and a whole bunch of other stuff – you’ll probably need a ruler at some point during your private label product development and I prefer a steel one with imperial and metric measurements because I find it much easier to get accurate measurements rather than borrowing the cheap plastic one from your kid’s school rucksack.

Tool #2 -1 do use a pantone book mainly if I’m developing new colors on packaging or in a logo. You don’t need one but I do use one. You can pick up a second hand one for maybe $50 on eBay but you definitely don’t need this when you’re first starting out.

pantone book

Tool #3 – A printers eye glass. Again you won’t need this unless your really serious about your brand and packaging being absolutely perfect. I use the magnifying eye glass to check the quality of printed packaging and this usually gives me an idea of the professionalism of the manufacturers printer and how good they are at this.

printers eye glass.

Tool #4 – Barcode Scanner -1 use a low cost USB ‘plug and play’ hand held barcode scanner to check that barcodes scan.

If you do have barcodes printed onto packaging then you’ll want to check the barcode scans on your proof before your manufacturer prints the barcodes onto your packaging. Refer to the Barcodes Decoded cheat sheet in this Proven Private Label course for more information about barcodes.

- Barcode Scanner

Tool #5 – Barcode label printer. I use a laser printer to sometimes print barcode labels for Amazon but also if I ever need to cover a barcode thats already printed on my packaging then I also use this.


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