Product Design and Packaging


The quality of your product design and packaging will directly affect your sales on Amazon. Simply put, having a product with better design than your competition will make people more likely to buy your product, even if it’s priced a little bit higher.

Quality packaging will also increase repeat purchases.

It’s not just the initial sale that it’s important. Once a buyer receives your product in the mail and starts to use it, your design and packaging will impact them.

You want potential customers to think of your brand as a higher-quality product, because that makes it more likely for them to purchase from you again and/or tell their friends how great you are.

Then there’s perceived value.

You can charge a premium price and still make more money than your competition. To do this, your product must have a higher perceived value. A lot of that comes from having really good design and packaging.

Your design and packaging can help you create a good, sustainable brand. So you want to differentiate yourself as much as you can.

Take a look at some Amazon listings, and think about what you like and don’t like. What could really set you apart without alienating your audience? What can make you look different and stand out?

Then you’re going to want to get your label designed. Check with your supplier, as they often have their own design department to do that for you. Sometimes they even offer label design as a free service for their customers. It can get you started. And who knows? It might be a good design that you continue to use over time.

Of course, you can hire your own designer. There are some excellent sites and resources such as,,, and

Note: In the process of getting your design created, consider getting a logo for your brand. This will make your first product look more professional, and you can use it for future products under the same brand.

Be sure to include the following on your product label:

■    Brand name and logo (if you have one)

■    Product name

■    Any required information (e.g., warning labels)*

■    Contact information**

■    Main benefits and value

*You can get a sense of what might be required by looking at what your competition is doing and talking with your supplier. Because they are not lawyers, they can’t give you legal advice, but talking with them can bring your attention to any warning labels you might need on your packaging.

**Some markets require you to include contact information (e.g., business name, address, phone, website), but it is a good idea to provide this even if it’s not required. That way you can provide customer service to users and potential users, and they can reach you with any questions.

Tip: Be sure to: a) get feedback from others about your packaging and design, and b) doublecheck everything for accuracy. You don’t want to have hundreds or thousands of labels printed before you discover any errors.


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