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This lesson is all about good product packaging and design. It’s absolutely critical to your success on Amazon.

Why Design is So Important

1.    Sales on Amazon

Having a better designed product than all of your competition is going to make people buy your product, even if it’s priced a little higher, as opposed to buying somebody else’s product, which, under the label, is basically the same as yours.

2.    Repeat Buyers

It’s not just the initial sale that is important. Once the buyer receives the product in the mail and starts using it, the great design and packaging will impact them. They will associate your brand with a higher quality product and, hopefully, that will lead them to purchase it again, purchase another of your products, and tell their friends about it.

3.    Perceived Value

I’m going to teach you how you can charge a premium price and actually do better than all your competition and make more money in the process. To do this, your product needs to have a perceived higher value and a lot of that comes from having good packaging and design.

Creating a Good, Sustainable Brand

• Come up with a name for your product and for the manufacturer of your product.

These can be completely made up. However, you want to be careful not to use a trademarked name or one where a patent on the product already exists. You will need to do a trademark search to determine if your desired name can be used.

To help you with your search, visit the “United States Patent and Trademark Office” website ( and do the following:

i)    Under the “Tools” section, click “Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS)”

ii)    Under “Select a Search Option”, click “Basic Word Mark Search (New User)”

iii)    Leave the default settings, type your brand name in the “Search Term” field and click “Submit Query”. The results will show if there is any sort of trademark on the brand name or patent on the product you’re selling.

• Ensure your brand/product name and design resonates with your audience.

For example, if you’re selling men’s razors, you obviously don’t want them to be pink. Keep in mind who your target audience is and what they would expect/like to see.


If you look at Amazon listings, think about what you like and don’t like and about what could really set you apart without alienating your audience. Think about what could make you look different and stand out. This is important in building a sustainable product brand.

How to Get Your Label Designed

1.    Check with your Supplier

Talk with your supplier and see if they do that themselves. They may offer you design services, sometimes even for free. They may or may not be the best designers, but it’s something worth checking on and trying out.

2.    Hire your own Designer

If you need to hire your own designer, because you can’t do it yourself or don’t have someone in-house currently, some good sites to consider are:

This PDF (Hiring a Designer on Elance“) will help you through the steps on how to choose and hire someone on Elance to do the design work for you.

This will probably be a little more expensive, but it’s a good source as you can tap into the whole crowd-sourcing model.

Key Things to Include on Your Label

1.    Brand Name and Logo

In the process of getting your design created, you should consider getting a logo created for your brand, not only to make this product look more professional, but also for future products under the same brand.

2.    Product Name

3.    Any Required Information (e.g. warning labels)

The best way to determine what might be required is to look at what your competitors are doing and to talk with your supplier. While they are not lawyers and cannot provide you with legal advice, this is your best way to find out what might be necessary.

4.    Contact Information

Contact information is a requirement in some markets, but, even if it’s not, it’s a good way to provide good customer service to users and potential users of your product, in case they have questions or other reasons for wanting to get a hold of you. You could include a business name, address, phone number, and/or a website URL.

5.    List the Main Benefits of Your Product

You want to list things like why people should be using your product and what makes it different from other products because, even though the customer may have already bought the product, you want to sell them on the idea of using it. This is so they get value out of it, hopefully buy another one, tell somebody else about it, and buy another of your products.


Once you get all this done, double-check everything for accuracy because you don’t want to have thousands of labels printed off and then discover there was something wrong with the label. Also, get some feedback on your packaging and design. You can use family or friends for this because they’re consumers just like you and I. Don’t simply rely only on your own opinion. By getting input from others, you should be able to come up with a very high-quality, differentiated, and well-selling design.


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