Products You Can Launch for Under $100


WARNING – Do NOT Let This List Distract You

If you already have a product live on Amazon or on the way, then IGNORE THIS LIST (for now).

You do NOT want to get distracted by looking at this list and trying to start a new product because of it. If you’ve already done all the work to research, source, and launch your existing product, there’s no reason to pick any new product from this list. The opportunity you already have is just as good, if not better, than any opportunity on this list.

Don’t hurt your progress by trying to start all over with one of these products. Just keep moving along with your existing product and get ready for some HUGE results !

IMPORTANT: If you already have been working on a product and see it on the list below, DON’T WORRY. You’ll already be far ahead of someone just getting started and it will benefit you in the long-run to be part of a private community of other people in the same market (we’ve proved this out ourselves).

Who This List is For

This list was created because, like we’ve mentioned multiple times, we’re committed to a 100% success rate for our Amazing Selling Machine members.

For some people, finding a good product to sell or finding a good supplier to start with has been troublesome – possiby because they had trouble getting their Seller Central account created and scrambled to catch up or spent a lot of time chasing a product opportunity that ended up not working out (couldn’t find a supplier, etc.).

So, we’ve put together a list of products that can be started for under $100 to help everyone get A product live on Amazon – to be able to apply everything in Modules 4-7 and get experience selling on Amazon.

Once you learn the basics of selling on Amazon and apply our advanced marketing systems, you can always source other products in the future and continually build your Amazon gold mine.

Criteria for Products on this List

Selection Criteria:

1.    Can be sourced domestically (in the USA)

2.    Good sales potential on Amazon

3.    Can be private labeled

4.    Inexpensive to purchase and can be purchased in limited quantities

Because of these criteria, most of the products in this list are healthy, beauty, or pet products. The reason for this is that almost all other products originate overseas because of lower cost of manufacturing, yet these products that go on or in human or animals are closely watched and regulated and almost have to be manufactured in the United States (or in other developed countries).

Important Notes About this List

As you can see below, the list is comprised of a list of main keywords to use for targeted product sourcing. You’re still going to have to find a supplier yourself (but will be relatively easy) and do all the other steps in Modules 3+.

Don’t get caught up with picking the perfect product from this list, they are all equally good. Just pick one and run with it. Get it live on Amazon, get money coming in, and after you’re consistently getting sales and staying in-stock, THEN start looking for other products.

How to Get Started Minimize Startup Costs

We personally know people that have sourced almost all of these products and found that, with the right supplier and right negotiations, a new vendor can get started with a small quantity (1020) and a low cost/unit (less than $5-$10).

However, you MUST negotiate with the supplier, let them know you’ll be ramping up sales volume shortly, and that you just want to test their products out in a small quantity to start with.

Also, to keep your startup costs low, you should keep your designing simple and try to batch design tasks (e.g., have the manufacturer do the design, including a basic text logo OR have an inexpensive designer from do the label design with a basic text logo).

Lastly, you’ll want to use Amazon’s low FBA shipping rates through UPS to make shipping these units to Amazon’s warehouse next to nothing.

The List

Use this list of keywords to search on Amazon to see the current product offerings, then hit Google and search for suppliers using what you learned in Module 3.

Product Opportunities (alphabetical order):

•    Acne cream

•    Almond oil

•    Argan oil

•    Biotin

•    Castile soap

•    Castor oil

•    Cellulite cream

•    Coconut oil

•    Dht blocker (hair loss)

•    Ear cleanser for pets

•    Epsom salt

•    Essential oil

•    Gummy vitamins

•    Hyaluronic acid

•    Milk thistle

•    MSM for dogs

•    Salicylic acid

•    Shea butter

•    Tea tree oil

•    Tear stain remover for pets


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