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A Word about Private Label

How I Did It (Y ou can, too)

About Amazon’s Gated Categories

Course Review: Skip McGrath’s Complete Amazon Marketing System ($147)

Course Review: Andy Dew’s Dewable Premium Access ($99)

Course Review: The Selling Family’s Amazon Boot Camp ($297)

Course Review: Jim Cockrum’s Proven Amazon Course ($299)

If you need ‘live’ one-on-one help

International Seller Help More International Seller Help

Quick Summary of the Courses

Still Undecided?

Also from the Author


Hello and thank you for downloading this guide. You had to choose from hundreds of experts on selling on Amazon, so I’m extremely grateful that you chose me.

I wrote this to help aspiring work-at-home folks, entrepreneurs, and/or e-commerce business owners find the most helpful, proven help for beginning or intermediate merchants.

My name is Jordan Malik. I’m the host of an Amazon seller podcast, a best-selling e-commerce author, and the founder of several companies that help Amazon and eBay sellers get more sales and earn higher profits. I am also an award-winning Amazon merchant. Internet marketing watchdog site ranks me as one of the top trusted experts on Amazon and eBay.

If you want to know more about me, type this in your browser (or click on it): You’ll see a 6-minute video that explains who I am and what kind of credentials I have. The video shows several ways you can see unbiased ‘proof that I have helped other online sellers like you.

In 2013, two guys created an extremely costly Amazon selling course. I can’t give you the name here, but it rhymes with “A Hazing Yelling Obscene”. It’s a how-to-sell-on-Amazon “system” that costs almost $5,000 to start. You probably heard about that course because they release HUGE marketing campaigns whenever they (re)launch it. (They’re launching it (again) in April 2015, the time that this e-book was published).

In 2013, I publicly said I was not endorsing their course, despite the fact that I was heavily wooed and incented by them to promote it. If I promoted it, they would have paid me 50% (~$3,000) for each sale, plus some very big cash incentives for ‘referrals’.

In other words, I could easily earn over $250,000 a year year just by merely mentioning the ‘A Hazing Yelling Obscene’ course to you in an email. (You are one of my 10,000+ valued readers today!)

Why do I refuse to promote a course like that one?

For 3 major reasons:

1. ) It’s way overpriced for the comparative value to others;

2. ) They impress upon you that their training is the only way to learn how to profitably sell on Amazon (that’s a lie); and

3.) there is only a 30-day return policy for the buyer (I’ll explain that’s a huge risk to you later).

A ^Word about Private Label

Legitimate But Not the Only Way

The launch of the ‘A Hazing Yelling Obscene’ course (remember I can’t say their trademarked name here), continues to generate a lot of hype among sellers about selling ‘private label’ or ‘white label’ products. Private labeling is a seller’s practice of sourcing a mass-manufactured product and getting it ‘branded’ with their own company name, logo, etc. If you talk to some of the more ‘know-it-all’ Amazon sellers, they will convince you that sourcing mass-produced, China-manufactured private label products is the ONLY way to start and/or ‘scale’ (exponentially grow) your Amazon business. Well, that’s simply not true.

Now, buying and selling your own “private labeled” products is a great way to build an online business – BUT it can quickly become more complicated and riskier than other sourcing/selling methods, especially for a beginner. Note that I said ‘more complicated’ and ‘riskier’, not ‘impossible’.

See, just the process of sourcing products from overseas can take at least 30 to 120 days. Here’s what’s involved (a partial list):

1.    Researching hundreds of product on Amazon

2.    Identifying a product to sell

3.    Finding a reputable manufacturer/factory you can purchase the product from

4.    Negotiating to receive a sample(s) of the product from the factory

5.    Receiving and inspecting the product sample

6.    Test-selling the product on Amazon/eBay (thus ‘proving the concept’)

7.    Negotiating a price

8.    Paying/sending funds through a reputable service (many factories don’t take Paypal)

9.    Receiving the imported goods

10. Dealing with the possibility of damaged or missing or counterfeit items and more

So, if you bought ‘A Hazing Yelling Obscene’ and attempted to do all those steps above, you’d (likely) have no idea how well that business model works for you until at least two months later. Thus, it would be too late to get a refund from the $5,000+ you paid. Does that seem like an honest way to do business? If that sounds like a high-risk, expensive proposition, you might be right. I hate high-risk, and I hate expensive, but I hate them most when they arrive together!

By comparison, all the courses reviewed in this guide cost (at the time of this publication) 90 to 95% less than ‘A Hazing Yelling Obscene’s price. And all of them have a ‘no questions asked’ money back guarantee for at least a 30 day period (the rest are for 60 days or more). And you can act on any/all of the information WITHOUT importing products from any country – that is, if you don’t want to.) But most importantly: these courses and programs how you how you can find products, in person, online, or via tried and true methods, to sell on Amazon easily and quickly. And you can get your hands on those products via uncomplicated, simpler methods (like walking up to a counter and handing the cashier money). All you need is some proven, time-honored help from qualified experts. And that’s what this book is about.

Remember, there are plenty of other sourcing methods (applicable in almost any country) that work for Amazon sellers with any level of experience. Methods like:

•    Retail arbitrage

•    Retail liquidation

•    Online arbitrage

•    Online liquidation

•    Online liquidation auctions

•    Wholesale

•    Striking exclusive (or non-exclusive) relationships with wholesalers/manufacturers (a lot easier than you think)

•    Sourcing from product trade shows (in person or from afar) (also a lot easier than you think)

•    Group buying

•    Bundling a family of products to make a single product on Amazon

•    and more

Again, there’s nothing wrong with you sourcing and creating private label products. But when other experts tell you that every other sourcing method ’sucks’, they’re likely lying because they want you to buy their expensive information product or service.

Again – there are Amazon sellers who are highly successful sourcing, importing, and private-labeling goods in bulk from China. My concern is the ‘A Hazing Yelling Obscene’ course (aside from being outrageously high-priced) implies that it’s the only way to source products, and that’s just not true. For a list of my trusted private label partners and resources, look for the ‘Private Label’ section at: jordanmalik. com/resources

How I Did It (Y ou can, too)

Did you know that I started my Amazon/eBay selling career (about 15 years ago) by purchasing high-quality, inexpensive courses, too? All that education (at the time they were e-books, not not full-blown ‘courses’) cost me under $500 total. Everything I have learned from that $500 investment contributes to well over $160,000 of my revenue today. Let me repeat that:

Everything I have learned from that under-$500 investment contributes to well over $160,000 of my annual

revenue today.

That $160,000+ is just from selling products on Amazon and eBay. You can view my 2011 – 2014 Amazon sales at the below links. Yes, those are actual screen shots with unaltered data. No, they do not reflect my net pre-tax profit (which was about 55% in 2014). Yes, my wife and I ‘work’ on our Amazon/eBay businesses on a VERY parttime basis – usually an average of 10 to 12 hours per week each:

2011: 2012: 2013: 2014: and

I have to thank the experts I bought those aforementioned courses and e-books from (again, totaling well under $500) for their advice and guidance, which helped me generate those sales and profits. You win because some of those experts provide the courses and e-books that are recommended in this book!

Those experts have a history of really helping thousands of people, just like you, generate healthy part- and full-time revenues by selling products online. (By the way, I, too, have recently learned new, real, and simple profit-making ideas from all the courses reviewed in this guide.)

Your Only Real Obstacle is Not Taking Action

You can benefit a great deal by taking action with any information you buy or download. (Even if you don’t buy any course, there is plenty of free information to get you started – check out 60+ resources here:

I’ll bet that at least 80% of those reading this e-guide who buy a course will refuse to take even the first step! Owning and running an Amazon business is a lot of fun, can be hugely successful, and doesn’t require ‘thousands’ to get started. But it’s not ‘push button’-easy (nothing is, and if anyone tells you that, they’re lying.)

About Amazon’s Gated Categories

When you sign up to sell on Amazon, you are permitted to sell in several worthwhile categories:

•    Used and new CDs

•    Used and new books

•    Used (Amazon calls it ‘collectible’) and new toys and games;

•    Used and new electronics

•    Used and new home and kitchen products

•    New baby products.

•    Used and new sporting goods,

•    and more.

As a new seller, you are initially restricted (or ‘gated’) from selling in various other product categories. Some examples are:

•    Grocery

•    Health and beauty

•    Clothing and accessories

•    Shoes

•    Automotive

•    Jewelry

Thus, to be approved to sell in restricted categories. You must apply online via your Amazon Seller Central account, and (in that application process) provide them various documentation and pictures of your products.

Now, there are varying requirements for each product category that requires approval. One example is providing wholesale purchase invoices to Amazon, original product photos, etc.

DO NOT PANIC as this application process is simply a safeguard Amazon implemented to sharply decrease the number of ‘clandestine’ sellers who may be

fraudulent. Even if you don’t want to apply or can’t apply for a product category, the opportunities left in the categories mentioned in the first paragraph (above) are still tremendous.

For more information on Amazon’s restricted categories and procedures for applying to them, go here:

Are you ready to learn more about the affordable Amazon seller courses I’m

recommending? Good. Let’s begin.

Course Review: Skip McGrath’s Complete Amazon Marketing

System ($147)

Skip McGrath is the only Amazon selling expert I know who offers a printed course book (over 350 pages!) that is delivered to your home virtually anywhere in the world. Skip’s customers inside and outside the U.S. can benefit from this course.

Note: specific help for non-U.S.-based sellers is provided in a bonus section online that Skip provides to you after the purchase.

Why a printed course book? Well, there are some people (like me) who are a little old-fashioned and want a physical book in their hands. Skip’s course also happens to be the lowest priced in this guide (more on pricing in a little bit).

Skip calls his course ‘Skip McGrath’s Complete Amazon Marketing System,’ but it’s really a complete Amazon selling system that teaches you how to sell on Amazon and what to sell.

Skip, who I call the ‘master’ of buying profitable goods via wholesale, includes his ‘Wholesale Buying System’ as part of the Complete Amazon Marketing System! So $147US (Shipping charges apply for orders shipped outside the U.S.) gets you 2-courses-in-one: A complete ‘how to sell on Amazon’ course as well as ‘how to buy wholesale products for reselling on Amazon’.

Skip’s course is ideal for newbies, especially if you want to focus on buying products wholesale. Skip has been selling on eBay for at least 18 years, and I learned a lot from him when I was starting out. He has been selling on Amazon now for at least 7 years, and he reveals a lot of concrete information about what he buys and how much he pays for his inventory. Skip doesn’t buy wholesale products just from China. He also buys from manufacturers and producers in the United States and in other countries, like Australia. The good news is that you don’t have to buy a wholesale lot for (say)

$10,000; you can buy a wholesale lot of something for (say) $500. If you are interested in buying wholesale, this is the course that you want.

Skip’s course arrives in two volumes, both delivered to your door at once. The entire course breaks down the different aspects of running your entire Amazon business.

Below is a FRACTION of what’s included in Complete Amazon Marketing System:

•    Setting up your business formally (LLC vs. S-corp, etc.)

•    Deciding what to sell

•    How to buy low and sell high

•    How to invest in your inventory

•    How to do product research

•    Where to get shipping supplies

•    The difference between having a professional vs. individual seller account.

•    A lot more

Skip’s expertise really shines when it comes to buying wholesale, buying in bulk from retail trade shows (“The Chicago Cutlery Expo” for instance), and buying from merchandise marts. Skip also discusses the optional third-party service systems software you can buy (most are inexpensive) to streamline your business; and how to get financing to grow your business.

In Volume 2, Skip provides valuable information about buying wholesale and then selling those products on Amazon and eBay for nice profits. Once you start exploring wholesale, you’ll see there are lot of wholesale scam artists out there. But Skip only deals with legitimate wholesale companies and he shares the specific companies that sell to small merchants like you and me. (He also shares how to find your own companies to deal with exclusively).

Skip’s course is $147US with FREE shipping and handling in the U.S. For Canada,

add $16.90 for shipping. For the U.K. Ireland, Eurozone, it’s £97.00 and FREE Shipping anywhere in Europe. For other countries, it’s $147US plus $39US shipping and handling (Global Priority Mail).

All orders include a 90-day, no-questions-asked 100% money back guarantee from Skip.

If you buy the course through via my links below, I’ll automatically add another 275 days to Skip’s 90 day guarantee. Here’s how that works:

Buy the course via my link:

If you are in US/Canada:

If you are in UK/Eurozone: j ordanmal ik. com/ amazonuk

All other countries (scroll down this page to see the link to order):

When you make your purchase, I will receive a small commission for helping Skip sell his course. If you find it’s not for you, contact Skip (within 90 days) for a refund, and he’ll give you 100% back, no questions asked. Let’s say you forgot to contact Skip, or on the 364th day you realize the course didn’t help you. Skip’s guarantee would have expired (=after the first 90 days), so then you can contact me for a refund, and I’ll send you it (via Paypal) out of my own pocket. Just forward your emailed receipt of your purchase to me at with your request.

If you do not want me to get any commission, you can buy Skip’s course at the following link – but you will only get Skip’s 90-day guarantee (it’s the same price either way): (See the links to order for the various countries at the bottom of that page).

Want a sneak peak inside Skip’s course? Here’s a video:

Course Review: Andy Dew’s Dewable Premium Access


(Get INSTANT access to a part of this course 100% FREE. Details: jordanmalik. com/blog/?p=2355 )

Amazon mega-seller Andy Dew’s seller course is called Dewable Premium Access. At the time this guide was published, this course was meant for U.S.-based sellers only.

Andy is an expert on automating and outsourcing various aspects of his Amazon business (I’ve copied some of his strategies in that regard.) When I say ‘automating’, I mean putting processes/systems/software in place to do your business tasks automatically for you, with little or no supervision. By ‘outsourcing’ I mean hiring very inexpensive, reliable and college-educated (!) virtual assistants from the Philippines (this is an uncomplicated, ethical and standard practice now among many U.S.-based companies of any size, and yes, I do it too). Andy and his wife are able to travel often because he has set up his Amazon selling business to be largely automated and outsourced. The systems he automates, and the people outsources to, do all this for him:

•    Finding (online) products to sell

•    Buying and shipping those products to himself, an employee, or a 3rd-party fulfillment center, then:

•    Processing those products for Amazon’s warehouse; and

•    Fully managing customer emails, refunds, and other Amazon seller administrative tasks

Andy’s course (accessible online immediately after cleared payment) is $99, which gets you lifetime access. The course is ideal for:

•    Anyone who is brand new to selling on Amazon; and/or

•    Amazon sellers who want to outsource several aspects of their business

•    Amazon sellers who want to automate several aspects of their business

•    if you just want the lowest-cost online course that can teach everything about how to get started selling on Amazon, this is for you too.

Andy is one of my go-to experts on automating/outsourcing. He is also an expert on “online retail arbitrage”: finding low-priced products on other websites and then flipping them on Amazon for a sizable profit.

Andy’s course offers a free trial, so you don’t have to sign up for the whole course right away. The entire course’s training includes a lot of videos with accompanying PDFs (downloadable/printable help sheets).

Below is a FRACTION of what’s included in Dewable Premium Access:

•    Getting started on Amazon

•    “The Art of Leveraging Spend” webinar series, included in your purchase (up to $89 if purchased separately): How to earn the maximum amount of cash back, traveler miles, and points/rebates when buying inventory or your business expenses

•    Sourcing products online

•    Managing inventory

•    Benefits of outsourcing/automation

•    Automation online classes (how to automate various parts of your Amazon business), included in your purchase (normally $249)

•    How to hire, train and manage an outsourced worker (virtual assistant)

The course provides you training materials for you to hand off to an outsourced worker once/if you decide to hire one.

Andy offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. I’m adding another 335 days, so you will be backed for a full year if you buy the course (it’s the same price of $99) through my affiliate link.

Here’s how that works: If you buy the course by clicking on this link: I’ll automatically add another 335 days to Andy’s 30 day guarantee. (I receive a small commission for helping Andy when you buy via that link.) If you realize it’s not for you, contact Andy (within 30 days) for a refund, and he’ll give you 100% back, no questions asked. But let’s say you forget, and on (say) the 300th day you realize the course didn’t help you. Andy’s guarantee would have expired (=after the 30 days), so then you can contact me for a refund, and I’ll send you it (via Paypal) out of my own pocket. Just forward the email receipt of your initial purchase to me at j ordanmal ik@gmail. comwith your request.

If you do not want me to get any commission, you will only get Andy’s 30-day guarantee (his course is the same price either way) by buying his course at his link:

Remember either link mentioned above takes you to the same page. To get to the course just click on “join us now” and then select Dewable Premium Access $99.00, or you can start with a free trial.

Want a sneak peak inside this course? See this video I made:

Course Review: The Selling Family’s Amazon Boot Camp


(Get INSTANT access to the first 3 video lessons in this course, 100% FREE. Details: jordanmalik. com/blog/?p =2363 )

Amazon mega-seller Jessica Larrew sold over $300,000 on Amazon in 2012. Her course is called the Amazon Boot Camp. At time of publication, this course was designedfor U.S.-based sellers only.

(Side note: Jessica taught me a lot about buying products at liquidation (or ‘salvage’) stores. Thanks to her knowledge, I now get a lot of cheap products at liquidation-oriented stores. I’m talking about hundreds of items that I have bought for $0.50 to $2.00 that I sold/am selling on Amazon for $8 to $15 each.)

Her Amazon Boot Camp costs $297 (that’s the price at the time I published this book) for lifetime access OR you can get your first lesson free (more on how to get that free first lesson at the end of this section.)

Amazon Boot Camp’s content is all accessible online (immediately after cleared payment), and it gives you ‘steps’ to selling on Amazon in 32+ videos, each with an accompanying PDF that you can read and/or print out.

Below is a FRACTION of what’s included in Amazon Boot Camp:

•    Setting up your seller account

•    Using scouting apps on your cell phone

•    Sales rank

•    Eligible categories to sell in

•    Dealing with negative feedback

•    Understanding the Amazon ‘buy box’

•    Pricing for FBA (fulfillment by Amazon)

•    Creating listings for your own ‘custom’ products

•    Repricing inventory

•    Competing with Amazon on price

•    What happens when Amazon lowers prices

•    Basics of setting up your business

•    Setting up and using Global Export

•    Taxes and Bookkeeping

•    Scouting in-person/Scouting at home

•    Best tools to save time & money

•    Restricted items and brands (you can’t sell)

Jessica is an expert at finding inventory locally from retail and liquidation stores, so I recommend her course if you are in the U.S. And a.) a brand new beginner to selling on amazon and/or b.) you are an Amazon seller who wants to focus on getting inventory locally from retail stores. There is a lot of profit potential from discounted products on sale in local stores around you.

Jessica’s $297 Amazon Boot Camp course comes with a 60-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. You’ll get an additional 305-day guarantee if you click on this link and buy the course:

Here’s how that works: If you buy the course via my link ( I’ll automatically add another 305 days to Jessica’s 60 day guarantee (I’ll receive a small commission for helping Jessica). If you realize Amazon Boot Camp is not for you, contact Jessica (within 60 days) for a refund, and she’ll give you 100% back, no questions asked. But let’s say you forget to contact Jessica within 60 days, and on (say) the 350th day you realize the course didn’t help you. Jessica’s guarantee would have expired (=after the 60 days), so then you can contact me for a refund, and I’ll give it to you (via Paypal) out of my own pocket. Just forward your emailed receipt of your purchase to me at with your request.

If you don’t want me to receive any commission, go directly to, and buy the course (at the same price) and you will get Jessica’s standard 60-day guarantee.

Want a sneak peak inside this course? See this video I made: (Or get the 1st 3 video lessons free, right here: )

Course Review: Jim Cockrum’s Proven Amazon Course ($299)

Proven Amazon

Jim Cockrum’s Proven Amazon Course (“PAC”) was the first major Amazon seller course to be released (around 2010 or so). This is the ONLY$299-or-under course that I recommendfor non-U.S. (International-based) sellers, regardless of your experience level (because I believe it’s the only course that has a significant amount of resources for Internationally-based sellers).

PAC (accessible online immediately after cleared payment) is unarguably the largest Amazon seller course in terms of content and ‘bang for your buck’, and it’s always being updated with new videos and e-guides (all updates, like the others, are included in a single, one-time course price for lifetime access). Jim Cockrum was my main influence when I started out several years ago, and he is probably one of the most successful experts pin teaching people how to sell on Amazon and eBay, and how to create other revenue streams (like selling information products).

I asked Jim to give me the qualities of his course that he believes separate it from the best, and he’s right (I can verify what he’s claiming here, as I’m actively involved with the course and its members):

“…With the resources, courses and global staff we have in place I can confidently report that anyone with an internet connection anywhere on the planet can successfully sell on Amazon (or eBay or their own site) into any location that shippers will deliver. We have an active community of thousands dotting the globe doing just that every day. We are truly a global 24X7 operation of thousands.”

PAC is $299 (the price at the time I published this book. This price increase just happened, and it’s a far cry from the $597 he initially planned to make it.) PAC includes all of this:

–    Proven Private Label course (covers all the basics you need to know about finding, sourcing and selling a Private Label product)

–    Product Sourcing Master Class (30+ ways to source products in the U.S.)

–    Fully revamped “newbie” videos and transcripts with additional short “how to” videos being added continually for navigating the Seller Central menus as well as best practices on topics like sourcing, storing, Packing, prepping etc.

–    Moderator staff – Jim pays for ~50 support personnel to help PAC students get their questions answered/navigate the content

– (previously a $99+ extra) that has International-specific training and help for non-U.S.-based sellers

Also included is lifetime access to his membership site (I’m a member), which is another website and forum to learn other ways of selling physical or digital products online.

This is important: A common criticism of the Proven Amazon Course is that it tries to cover too many varied subtopics under ‘Selling on Amazon’, and it doesn’t ‘dive deep’ into any one. An example is their “Proven Private Label” course. That course is 100% fine for you if you want to learn exactly how to get started with a Private Label business. Does it cover every aspect of Private Label? No, but no one should expect that from a $299 course. PAC does give more than enough info to get you started. If you need hand-holding or (say) detailed assistance with filling out customs forms, or (say) a live Q&A on registering your brand’s trademark, you’re probably not going to get that. But for $299, PAC is a screaming bargain, with more useful info you will ever use to establish and grow your Amazon business.

PACs content, videos, instructions, and webinars within are literally worth thousands – if not tens of thousands – of dollars.

Jim offers a no-questions-asked refund, anytime, for PAC. But if, for any reason, you don’t get a refund (and you will because Jim has an excellent track record of integrity and honesty), you can contact me and I will back up his 100% money back guarantee. Here’s how that works:

If you don’t get a refund for whatever reason, as long as you have legitimately paid for the course through my link, (I get a small commission for

helping Jim sell his course), I will provide you a refund out of my own pocket (via Paypal). Just forward me your emailed receipt with your request to j ordanmal ik@gmail. com.

But if you don’t want me to get any commission from referring you to PAC, you can go right to the official course page, and buy the course (it’s the same price either way). Thus you’ll get their standard reliable money back guarantee (but it is not ‘double-backed’ by me since you are buying via their direct link).

Want a sneak peak inside this course? See this video I made:


The Selling Family’s Amazon Boot Camp and Jim Cockrum’s Proven Amazon Course each have a team of moderators (paid employees) that handle inquiries and questions from members like you. (When I say ‘live’ I don’t mean ‘live chat’. I mean you have access to forum moderators who are answering questions posted by members. So if you’re a member and you post a question, you’ll likely get help/directions very quickly.)

This support is included in each course’s one time membership fee (you don’t pay anything extra to get it). Their moderators are highly skilled in selling on Amazon, so if you are somebody who needs some hand-holding, you may want to consider one of these two courses. Note that I said ‘some’ hand-holding. That means if you can’t find specific information on some aspect of selling on Amazon, the moderators will point you in the right direction. They (likely) won’t do things like: research a product for you to sell, or write and submit an application to get you approved to sell in a product category, or interview a virtual assistant for you, etc. There are other courses that cost 10x as much that won’t do those things for you.

You’d be surprised at the number of folks who pay (say) $299 and expect everything to be handed to them with a big red shiny button that says ‘just push here for profits!’ Remember: there is no such thing!

The other two courses (Skip McGrath’s and Andy Dew’s) don’t currently have that ‘live’ support, but they do have email support. So if you buy a course from one of them, you can email your question(s) but it may take 1 to 2 business days or more for them to respond.

International Seller Help

The only under-$500 course that also has a strong body of internationally-based moderators and members that are helping sellers in the UK and Australia and Japan and other countries is The Proven Amazon Course by Jim Cockrum. This international help is included in the one-time membership fee (you don’t pay extra to get it).

More International Seller Help

If you are outside the U.S. and you’re not ready to buy Proven Amazon Course, below please find some additional resources:

FREE: How to Sell on (U.S.) When You Are In Another Country:

FREE: Basic info on U.S. Customs Duties Fees, Customs Brokers, EIN#:

Quick Summary of the Courses

Here’s a quick summary if you’re still undecided on which course is right for you: Skip McGrath’s Complete Amazon Marketing System ($147) is ideal for you if:

–    You’re a beginning seller AND you want a printed course you can ‘hold’ OR

–    You’re a beginning or intermediate seller interested in buying goods WHOLESALE (in bulk)

–    Skip McGrath’s course is $147 (plus shipping and handling if you’re outside the U.S.) Get the course via link here and I’ll extend Skip’s guarantee to a full year. If you don’t want my extended guarantee, get it for the same price at Skip’s link.

Andy Dew’s Dewable Premium Access ($99) is ideal for you if:

–    You’re a beginning seller OR

–    You’re a beginning or intermediate seller and you want to learn how to outsource/automate various parts of your business OR

–    You’re a beginning or intermediate seller and you want to learn how to find products online for you to buy from other web sites and then sell them on Amazon for a profit

–    Andy Dew’s course is $99. Get the course via my redirect link here and I’ll extend Andy’s guarantee to a full year. If you don’t want my extended guarantee, get it for the same price via this direct link.

Jessica Larrew’s Amazon Boot Camp ($297) is ideal for you if:

–    You’re a beginning seller OR

–    You’re a beginning or intermediate seller and you want to learn how to source products locally from retail stores and/or online AND

–    You would like (included in the cost of the course) help from forum moderators who can answer your questions quickly AND

Amazon Boot Camp is $297. Get the course via my redirect link here and I’ll extend Jessica’s guarantee to a full year. If you don’t want my extended guarantee, get it for the same price via this direct link.

Jim Cockrum’s Proven Amazon Course ($299) is ideal for you if:

–    You’re a beginning seller (U.S. or internationally-based) OR

–    You’re a U.S.-based Amazon seller who has some experience already selling on Amazon, but you want to expand your sourcing methods/grow your business

–    You are looking for ‘real-time’ help from forum moderators who can answer your questions

–    Proven Amazon Course is $299. Get the course via my redirect link here and I’ll back the course’s anytime 100% refund guarantee. If you don’t want my guarantee, get it for the same price at this direct link.

Still Undecided?

Ever since I published this guide in 2013, I do get emails from a handful of folks who are still stuck on ‘which course to take’. I understand that. Beginners are sometimes afraid to take a leap, so they look for someone to make the decision for them. Or, they’ve been ripped off by buying something similar online (I can relate to that because I’ve been ripped off too, with no recourse, from unscrupulous online ‘gurus’).

I assure you, the experts’ courses in this guide are the real deal. None of the course publishers is a charlatans nor rip-off artist, nor someone who is going to take your money and run.

So here’s my suggestion: All the courses in here are virtually-risk free because they each have 100% money back guarantees, as demonstrated. Pick one course that you think might fit your needs and check it out for a few days. If you don’t like it, you’ll get your money back (I personally guarantee it). Then try another course. (Same procedure). Remember, regardless of what course you choose (or even if you choose no course), you are only going to succeed at this if you take action. The course is there to guide you, not do it for you.

Thanks for reading my guide. Now, pick a book or course, then learn to earn! Questions? Comments? Email me personally at

May I ask a favor of you?

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Thank you!


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