Re-Optimizing Your Product Listing


You always want to test different things in your product listing: your main image, title, keywords, bullet points, benefits, features, description, guarantee, and other parts of your sales copy. Compare the impact of different choices so you can keep improving your listing.

Make changes one at a time, though, so you can determine the best-performing options. If you make multiple changes, you won’t know which change had what effect.

Also, be sure to document all of your changes along with the results from those changes for each of the factors in a spreadsheet. For example, you might want to monitor new sales that happen by monitoring your conversion rate, or you might want to see how your keyword rankings change if you adjust your keywords. We recommend keeping track of the date you make each change.

Upgrade Images

When you make your product images more professional, they stand out more. You can use or other resources to digitally enhance them.

Just make sure you keep your main image on a pure white background with no text.

You can show your product being used, add backgrounds to your other images, even add props and stage your product to create a still-life scene. Look at what other people are doing well with their pictures to get more ideas.

Test different images to find the optimal conversion, and stick with what works best.


Test new keywords in your title, especially at the beginning. This will help you to find out which keywords work best for you. You might want to run each new keyword for a week, and then compare it to the previous keyword. Look at the effect on your conversions, sales, and rankings to see how they do. Keep testing keywords against each other until you find the best.

Make sure you test newly found keywords from your auto-targeted advertising campaign as well as any more you find through research, other tools, competitor listings/websites, etc. Keep growing your keyword spreadsheet, and keep testing to find what works best.

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Go through your product feedback and your reviews every few weeks to improve your product listing, the benefits, and your target market focus. Notice the language your customers use, and see how you can work it into your listing. Adjust sales copy to better match the demographic of customers who actually buy your product.

Use this information to improve the product itself, so you can make it the best product to meet your customers’ stated needs. Your customers might say they’re looking for a certain thing, or that there’s something about your product that is not working, or that they would like to see something about it enhanced. Use this feedback to have your supplier make a better product. Put those improvements into your sales copy, and let people know you have made this change. Tell them you have added something they have been explicitly looking for.

This is a great way to stand out from your competition, because most of the competition will not do this. Address the needs of your customers to have a better relationship with them, which leads to better sales.


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